WAR's circular on Harold Covington (late 1990s)

Key points:

1. Harold Covington has been a failure as a leader of White advocacy groups.
2. Harold Covington gave information to BATF informants that caused two members of his own organization to be sent to prison in the early 1980s.
3. Harold Covington is partly of Jewish ancestry, and looks and behaves accordingly.
4. Harold Covington has conducted vicious smear-campaigns with the apparent purpose of increasing his own following by destroying leaders of other groups.
5. Harold Covington was caught in the hoax of claiming that would-be presidential John Hinckley had been a member of the NSPA.
6. Harold Covington is dishonest in general and has some very strange tendencies.

Text derived from Tom Metzger's Resist.com (slightly redacted):

The following information was sent out by WAR(White Aryan Resistance).

Weird Harold Armstead Covington is currently the greatest embarrassment the White Racialist Movement has. Weird Harold has recently started the National Socialist White People's Party. [As most of you may know, this was the name of the organization founded by George Lincoln Rockwell.] However, before anyone rushes to join this "reincarnation" of Commander Rockwell's party, they should know something about Weird Harold. The nickname "Weird Harold" was given to him by the people that knew him when he was with the Nationalist Socialist Party of America. This was the group started by the homosexual pedophile Jew, Frank Collin [Cohn]. Collin was arrested by detectives from Chicago's Youth Division for taking indecent liberties with adolescent boys. Subsequently, when Weird Harold took over the "leadership" of this organization it quickly collapsed since most people quit in disgust because of his weirdness and stupidity. Weird Harold is basically a coward that will run at the first sign of trouble. 

In the book Nazis, Communists, Klansmen, and others on the Fringe by John George and Laird Wilcox they write: "In 1980 Harold Covington assumed the leadership of the NSPA. It was a banner year for him in other respects as well." "His streak of successes was short-lived, however. Events during the trials of Klansmen and NSPA members led some of his followers to suspect that he was an undercover informant. Faced with internal revolt and what he later called harassment and threats by the ATF, Covington announced he was going underground. In March 1981 he appointed St. Louis NSPA leader Michael Allen, twenty-nine, as his successor and disappeared shortly thereafter. He wound up on the Isle of Mann, living there for several years before returning to the United States." "Allen, it turns out, was a bona fide ATF informant." 

In the book Codename Greenkil: The 1979 Greensboro Killings by Elizabeth Wheaton, she writes: "Allen supplied the ATF with Nazi membership lists, organization rules and structure, and "eyes only" memos to the party leaders from Covington." Michael Allen's ATF [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms] Confidential Informer number is CI-203. In North Carolina, Weird Harold gave information to Federal Agents that helped set-up and imprison Frank Lee Braswell. In an Associated Press article in the June 25, 1981, Raleigh, North Carolina The News and Observer stated: "Covington named in Nazi trial ASHEVILLE (AP) - Federal investigators said this week that they uncovered an alleged plot to set off bombs in Greensboro after a Nazi leader told an undercover agent that a member of his group was "gunfighter for the party, that he had killed several policemen. " In U.S. District Court Monday, Michael Sweat, an agent for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, testified that he received the information from Harold Covington of Raleigh, the head of the National Socialist Party. Sweat testified during a pretrial hearing for six Nazis accused in the alleged plot. The undercover agent said Covington identified Frank Braswell, one of those accused in the alleged scheme, as the alleged "gunfighter"." According to court records from the District Court of the United States for the Western District of North Carolina, Asheville Division, Criminal Action Case Number A-CR-81-11, When Federal Agent Sweat was asked "that Harold Covington was where you received your information to start a criminal investigation on me [Braswell]. Am I Correct?" Agent Sweat answered "That's Correct." Also, when asked, "As a result of your contact with Mr. Covington, what if anything did you do?", Agent Sweat answered "I initiated a criminal investigation on Frank Braswell." Then when asked "Now on these initial contacts how did you introduce yourself to Frank Braswell?" Agent Sweat answered "On the initial contact I called Frank up prior to meeting with him on the 7th, I think it was a day or so before. And he said he had heard about me already from Harold Covington and he was anxious to meet me. He had heard that I was in the type of business that I related to him later from Harold Covington." Later testimony from a Federal witness stated "The first -- the way the investigation got initiated was with an undercover contact with Harold Covington, who told me certain things -- ". In the book Codename Greenkil: The Greensboro Killings, Elizabeth Wheaton writes: "In September 1979 ... Covington led another ATF agent to Frank Braswell, as four months earlier he led [undercover government agent] Bernie Butkovich to Wayne Wood. Michael Sweat, an agent from the Ashville ATF office, presented himself to Covington as Mike Swain ... "Two days prior to the breaking of the Butkovich story, Sweat made contact with Frank Braswell. Braswell phoned Covington to check on Sweat; given the go- ahead, he began talking to the agent." Wheaton concludes by stating Weird Harold "brought two ATF undercover agents into his own party, resulting in the convictions of two of his rivals." 

Besides informing to Federal Agents, Weird Harold has other interests. His great obsession in life, besides of course gluttony, is the late Church of the Creator founder Ben Klassen. Weird Harold seems to think and talk quite a bit about Ben Klassen. Also Weird Harold is especially fond and interested in alleging that Ben Klassen was homosexual, but never produced any proof. His so- called "newsletters" are full of obscene and filthy language describing these homosexual acts as he talks and fantasies about Ben Klassen. Weird Harold even gets weirder in that he fancies himself as quite a skilled linguist for coming up with "clever" phrases like "Benny Butt F***er" ! Weird Harold also "alleged" that Ben Klassen was a Jew, again without any proof. 

The odd thing about this is that if you would give Weird Harold's family tree a good shake, you would find a Jew by the name of Hugo Glass in it. This may be why Weird Harold once made the comment about himself that "I look more like a Rabbi than a National Socialist". However, what is more important than looking like a Rabbi is acting like one. 

A prime example of Weird Harold's Jew-like behavior is in this low-grade moron's "newsletter" Resistance. Resistance is so full of lies, half-truths, and Weird Harold's own fantasies, that nothing in it can be taken seriously. In fact, almost nothing in it is truthful or accurate. Even when told the truth from reliable sources, Weird Harold is so incompetent that he screws it up. Weird Harold often writes under the pen name "Winston Smith". [Winston Smith is the name of the main character in George Orwell's classic political novel 1984.] However, Weird Harold has recently authored an issue of Resistance lavishing praises on himself written under the name "Luther Williams". This is a typical ploy in one-man operations. They have no one to write good things about themselves, so they invent fictional people in an imbecile attempt to fool and deceive the reader. In this particular issue, titled THE OLD ORDER PASSETH, Weird Harold attacks many people, but is such a coward he doesn't sign his own name to it. Besides praising himself, this issue was full of lies about people in the White Racialist Movement, ranging from Tom Metzger of the White Aryan Resistance, the memory of Ben Klassen, Will W. Williams and Dr. Pierce of the National Alliance, and Arthur Jones of the America First Committee, to name just a few. Besides these people, Weird Harold has attacked Pastor Butler of Aryan Nations, calling him "scum"! Also, Weird Harold has recently written "I'll be exposing Gerhard Lauck [of the NSDAP/AO], a slime ball of the first order". 

Weird Harold's game plan is so obvious and so unbelievably stupid you would think it came from the mind of a mentally unbalanced geek. Weird Harold thinks that by attacking other people and other organizations with lies that he can destroy them, and then everyone will magically come to him and make Weird Harold their supreme Dictator!!?!! 

Although the basic premise of Weird Harold's plan is fundamentally flawed and incorrect and stupid, he is never-the-less attempting to put it into place and trying to build an organization, to use his terminology, the "N.S.W.P.P. Mark Two". By combining with two other one-man organizations he now has a "powerful" three-man organization. The other organizations are the Nationalist Socialist White America Party, operated by James Karl who publishes the NSWAP Newsletter; and the National Workers League, operated by William Henry Kendall, who publishes Plexus

They don't call him Weird Harold for nothing. Weird Harold is a believer in the occult and black magic. In a May 18, 1980, article by Angela Herrin about Weird Harold titled "A Nazi apostle of white supremacy" in the Raleigh News and Observer states: "A believer in the occult and black magic, he earns some money writing ghost stories, he says - but he won't divulge his pen name. " The article then goes on to show that Weird Harold is not one to be relied on when it comes to telling the truth. Angela Herrin writes: "Although he [Weird Harold] told WRC [radio] listeners he is a Vietnam veteran, he admits Pentagon records show he was never in Vietnam." The News and Observer goes on to quote Weird Harold, a 1971 graduate of Chapel Hill High School: "Like most Americans, I'm a working man. And I support myself by writing,)' he told one radio caller. However, the Raleigh newspaper points out: "In fact, Covington is paying a vanity press to publish his gothic romance Rose of Honor this summer. He has not had a full-time job since 1977. He lives over Nazi Party offices and receives no salary. He simply controls party finances, he says, "and I take whatever I need". " 

Another example of Weird Harold's dishonesty uncovered by this newspaper was in an April 4, 1981 article as follows: "Covington: Hinckley was a Nazi - Associated Press - Countering denials that accused presidential [Ronald Reagan] assailant John W. Hinckley Jr. was a Nazi, former American Nazi leader Harold Covington insisted Friday that Hinckley "was a member and I did correspond with him." Covington and his successor as head of the National Socialist Party of America, Michael Allen of Chicago, have maintained that Hinckley was a Nazi for a few months in 1979. Law enforcement officers and monitors of right-wing groups have denied that. "The man was a member and I did correspond with him for a while. That happens to be the truth." Asked to produce the letters or other documents as proof that Hinckley was a Nazi, Covington said, "We do not keep documents of that nature"." 

Weird Harold has a very disturbed sociopathic personality that craves attention. Since no one takes him serious as a "movement leader", Weird Harold's only way of attracting attention to himself is by making up spurious rumors and lies about various people and organizations. Thus by creating disturbances in the White Racialist Movement, this pathetic buffoon focuses the attention on himself that he craves, even if it is only to have people denounce him as a fraud, a liar, and as a traitor. 

As you can imagine, Weird Harold is not much of a "ladies man". After crudely trying to proposition a young Aryan woman by the name Sharon Mooney in a ghastly stupid letter dated June 12, 1994, Sharon wrote back in "an open letter to Harold Covington: dated June 18, 1994" that: "You are not needed with what is, Jewish blood (you certainly have the mentality!) to further pollute our genetic pool. Maybe your grandfather was not a Jew... but the evidence to me is that he MUST have been. If he was not... well, then you Mr. Covington...accidentally suffered some sort of defective evolutions when your mother was carrying you... and you were born very abnormally un-Aryan in mentality and the natural character of the Normal Aryan Male. Physically... you look Jewish. When you telephoned me, after you sent this obscene letter... I remembered you stating clearly... "I didn't sign it." And after I read that letter, now I know why you didn't. Nobody in their right mind would! However too, anybody in their truly sane state of mind and body, would not write any such thing, in the first place." [SIC] The above sample was just a short quote from Sharon's hellish six page letter to Weird Harold. She closed the letter with this little poem: "May your days in the movement be numbered... May you be finally be found out for the perverted criminal you are, so you can be imprisoned and feel firsthand, the accusation you lay against Ben Klassen... May your Jewish Cousins spit on your foul grave, when you are finished in this earth, from doing your dirty ZOG-serving work." 

Publisher's Note: Weird Harold is also a hypocrite. Weird Harold makes people swear on his "Official Supporter Application" that "I am not a journalist or an agent of any government- sponsored organization designated as a "law enforcement agency"... That I am a non-Jewish White person of unmixed Aryan racial descent... and that I am not a Satanist or involved in any kind of occult activity." Weird Harold is all of the above and by his own standards shouldn't be a member of his so-called "N.S.W.P.P. Mark Two", let alone its "leader". Weird Harold is an unnatural, unholy, vile, grotesque, abomination to the White Racialist Movement and will not be tolerated.