Matt Parrott on Harold Covington's Sockpuppetry

From the comments on Tom Sunic's "What to Read," on The Occidental Observer.

1. Matt Parrott responds to Harold Covington's complaint that he has been falsely accused of using sockpuppets.

Matt Parrott
April 26, 2012 - 5:24 pm | Permalink
Precisely what I myself have been accused (falsely) of doing
I personally verified that Covington engaged in sock puppetry. Before that incident, I had a positive impression of him and dismissed a lot of his critics as…erm…”goat dancers”. I wasn’t born in the 70′s and can’t personally confirm whether he was flatly lying and disparaging the reputation of honest nationalists in these other incidents. I can; however, confirm that he was engaged in sock puppetry.
I would prefer to let the sockpuppetry fiasco die. After all, it’s not that hefty of a charge. But I’ve been indirectly accused of being a liar again. I did not lie.

2. Matt Parrott responds to Covington-booster "Kathleen":

April 26, 2012 - 7:07 pm | Permalink
The above experience I had leads me to ask you the question – by what standards did you verify the origin of the alleged “HAC sockpuppets” you refer to in your post?
I had administrative access to the Occidental Dissent backend at the time and saw that the IP address of Mr. Covington and the IP address of his defender were identical. The next step in this extremely tiresome and familiar game is for me to get entangled in a technical discussion intended to create reasonable doubt in the minds of people who aren’t IT professionals. Another potential step is for my reputation and motivations to be called into question.

It’s so familiar, that I’ve decided to express my feelings about Covington and his lies in a song…

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