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Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 17:04:28 -0000
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Well, I don't have any anti-Migration stuff, but here's an article I wrote a few weeks ago on Covington. I've known about him for years he tried to recruit me for his NWSPP back in Chapel Hill years ago, and I got an odd feeling from him, so I did some checking. Living in North Carolina, I got to meet a lot of the people he'd trashed, and people who had seen him in action back in the 70s & 80s, before he discovered the internet and became a self-appoineted critc of the WN movement. The following is just a little of what I've found out (I also found out that you line yourself up to be the next one attacked in his diatribes if he sees you posting anything crtical of him, so keep that in mind). Every person mentioned in the article as a "source" on HAC (with the exception of Ingrid Rimland, whom I emailed) is someone whom I have met and asked about this stuff in person, so I'm not just repeating net gossip.

A post on Stormfront from 7 October 2003:

Hmm, this is convenient, I just posted some info on him to a Yahoo group. The reason most info on him is not on the web, is because he's really insignificant, other than as a trouble maker, and most of the people who have had "experiences" with him are not online much, if at all, or are in jail. I think fat Jew conman and agent provocareur does sum him up pretty well, but I will repost the info I put on Yahoo about him:

(Also, I'd like to add that my main "sources" on Covington are not from the internet, but from several people in North Carolina who knew him in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s - many ended up in legal trouble over him, some in finacial trouble, and a few went to jail, not to mention the ones he tried to harass and smear for warning others about him. I do not consider this post an attack on another WN, because HAC is not a WN, but rather a warning to those who don't know what he's about, and may end up gettin burnt by him. --Raine)

Harold Covington has been known amongst movement leaders as being a traitor, and probable government informant and agent provocateur since the 1970s. Covington left a swath of broken friendships, relationships, ruined political groups, lovers - and children by various women in different places. This is one reason he loves the internet - he doesn't have many friends, and it enables him to dupe newcomers into following him, while many of those he has betrayed are in prison, or not on the internet, and cannot warn others about him. This is why he trolls prowhite groups, first grabbing names off off Usenet, and repeatedly signing people up for his NSNet newsletter, and now taking over other people's Yahoo groups to further his narcissistic agenda. He tends to move into relationships initially with skill and charm - and then they begins to destroy with a vengeance.

Don't take my word for it though, ask Pastor Richard Butler of the Aryan Nations - ask him about the Sharon Mooney affair, and what she thinks of Covington. Ask Ingrid Rimland of Zundelsite about his antics, or about what Ernst Zundel thinks of him, and knows about him. Ask Virgil Griffin, the most well known Klan leader in North Carolina, what he thinks of Covington - ask about Covington setting up several Klansmen and Nazis in the Greensboro shooting by cooperating with the Feds, and why Virgil now tells people not to even speak with Covington unless they want to go to jail. Ask Will Williams about Covington's long term obsession with him, and the libel suit which he won against Covington, or how Covington tried to variously set him up as an FBI informant, and to get him investigated as "John Doe #2" in the OKC bombing. Ask various others why Covington is contacting them about starting an "Army", then asking if they will submit to lie detector tests, and why he is recording these phone conversations, asking if they are willing to kill and/or give their lives in his "Army". One very telling thing about Covington - he has few supporters, but many former supporters, like Jack Gray of Utah, who came out defending him everywhere he could, then suddenly broke ties when given evidence of Covington's past deeds, and his history within the movement.

The man is a con artist, and most leaders and long-time white activists believe him to be a federal informant and agent provocateur. He tries to coerce people to join his scams and/or send his money, or just convince him that he is the only "good guy" left in the entire White movement, while attacking other movement leaders, and non-leaders who dare criticize him. He is constantly moving around (NC, Texas, Seattle, etc) to avoid the judgment of the libel suit which he lost (more on that later), and to find more "suckers' to pull into his various scams and parties (usually WN parties with stolen names like "NSWPP" or "National Front", or by misleading people into thinking other movement leaders support or endorse him as with his attempts to link Pastor Butler and the legitimate NW Migration to his "Northwest Migration" scheme). He is a convicted criminal, and a fugitive from the law, but has somehow managed to escape arrest and prison, and has never had meaningful employment (we assume he's living off SSI for his schizophrenia and/or kickbacks for informing on others, since he doesn't appear to have enough "real life" supporters to live off of their money, despite his attempts).

He tries to deny that he has a history of mental illness, but his brother, Forrest Covington, has told the Raleigh News & Observer that Harold suffers from schizophrenia. Harold Covington was discharged from the US military in 1972 on a "Section 8" medical discharge for paranoid schizophrenia. This mental disorder causes him to suffer from a persecution complex, and to lash out and attack others over minor, or even imaginary, slights. (This may stem from his confused identity - his maternal grandfather, Benjamin "Hugo" Glass, was a Jew and, like Andrew Greenbaum and Frank Collin, Jews who try to play Nazi tend to be rather deranged and confused). He was proven a liar when he lost a libel suit because of lies and character defamation in his cyber-stalking and smear campaign against Will Williams (this libel suit is why he cannot return to North Carolina - he refuses to pay the court ordered settlement). He even wrote a fake Associated Press article, attempting to give credence to his false claims that Williams was an informant.

In addition to schizophrenia, he appears to be a sexual deviant, and possibly a coporophiliac. He has sent pornographic postcards through the mail to other movement leaders (one of these, sent to Ben Klassen before his death, was published in the old COTC newsletter). He also seems to be obssessed with human excrement, and may be a coprophiliac - note that his made-up attacks on the character of Will Williams and Harlan Markwalder all contained fecal elements, and he loves to imagine other men doing depraved things with human ****. He also seems to have a proclivity for anal sex - being penetrated by women and prostitutes with "strap-ons", and photographs of him engaged in this practice with various women surfaced a few years ago.

The one thing old Harold does have going for him is that he is a fairly decent writer, and somehow manages to be one of the few White movement authors who can find a publisher. But, even that is questionable, given that he has been caught plagiarizing the works of others, and even taking non-racialist material, changing a few words to make it more palatable to racialists, and then claiming it as has own writing, as he did with anti-racist author Clair Wolfe's "After the Fall of Justice". Who knows how many of his other works were stolen from the ideas and writing of others.

I've heard many other things about Covington, and do not know how much of the internet gossip may or may not be true, but I do know that he is not trusted in his home state of North Carolina, and that all of the movement leaders and "old-timers" that I have asked about him in this state say that he is dangerous, unstable, and that people who trust him usually end up in jail. Make your own decisions, but don't rely on information from Covington for the truth - ask any movement leader, or long time activist who has ever dealt with him their opinion of Harold Covington, and then consider if this is really a man with whom you'd want to be associated. Or, continue to support him, but don't say that you were not warned when he turns on you, like he has turned on other "comrades" before.

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