Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hadding Scott and Carolyn Yeager discuss the smears against Frazier Glenn Miller

The discussion about Glenn Miller is in the second hour:

The Heretics' Hour: The Right not to Associate in America

I made one misstatement in the show.

Raw Story paraphrases Kirk Lyons saying that he picked up the transvestite prostitute story from rumors at the courthouse during the Shelby III Adult Bookstore trial. I think I overstated when I said that KL said that he had gotten the rumor from prosecutors.

It was actually Harold Covington -- of all people -- who specified (in his generally strongly anti-Miller Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement) that the Negro transvestite story was put out by prosecutors. He said that prosecutors also put out the rumor that Miller had AIDS:

... the source of the “Peaches” story was later traced to deliberate leaks to the Sheets defense team from Sam Currin’s office, as was a story that Miller allegedly had AIDS, which since he is still alive and drinking today, is palpably untrue.

The “Peaches” episode sounds credible in view of what we know about Miller’s mental and emotional state, and it is also credible in view of the long history of sickening misbehavior by so-called “Great White Leaders.” However, in view of the strong possibility that it may be disinformation from the U. S. Attorney designed to get revenge on their own stumblingly incompetent witness, we will redact it from this report. [Harold Covington, A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement

Normally anything said by Harold Covington about any other figure in the White Nationalist milieu should be met with extreme skepticism. When, however, he admits that some scurrilous accusation against a person that he habitually attacks is false, it does carry some credibility, because it is contrary to his known bias. The former federal prosecutor Doug McCullough certainly encouraged propagation of the smear in 2014, although subsequently distancing himself from it.