Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tom Metzger on Harold Covington's Personal Attacks

During 2010 Tom Metzger appeared on Jim Giles' Radio Free Mississippi podcast, where Giles asked Metzger his views of some prominent White racialists. When Giles asked about Harold Covington, the following was said:

Giles: I am just looking at the ADL list, and one other person that comes to mind that's not on the list is Harold Covington.

Metzger: Oh boy. That's like putting a cross up in front of a vampire to me. There's only one person I think I really hate in this struggle, and it's Harold Covington.

Giles: That's interesting. Why is that?

Metzger: Well, because he took it beyond politics during the trial and after the trial [in which Will Williams successfully sued Harold Covington for libel].
He got personal. He started putting things out about me, and I don't really understand why it ever got started. He said I was a drunk, and I did all this stuff, and everybody knew it wasn't true.  He said when my wife was dying, I had left her in a welfare ward in the hospital. It was all lies, and he was putting out all these lies. 
I think the reason for it is, I supported Ben Klassen, with the COTC. Ben and I had a stormy relationship, but I respected him highly. And Covington hated him, and he even started rumors about him killing a skinhead and all this kind of stuff, which was totally untrue. But because I supported Klassen, I think that's the reason he went after me, and he put out some terrible things.
Politically you can attack me and I can say, "Oh well," because other guys attack me and I don't get all bent out of shape. [...] But when he attacked my wife, and that I was a drunk, and all this kind of stuff, that's going beyond the line.

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