Friday, June 24, 2011

Telltale Signs That I Did Not Write This

Since last April it has been demonstrated that Harold Covington's Northwest Front blog contains posts falsely attributed to Ron Doggett and Fred Streed, which have the obvious purpose of contributing speciously to Covington's credibility. Thereafter Jerry Abbott came forth and stated that in the mid-1990s Covington had also pretended to be him, although in Abbott's case Covington was doing it more to discredit him than to bolster himself.

Recently Harold Covington has drastically increased the frequency with which he makes fake posts on his blog in my name. He first did it in January 2011 when he had "Hadding Scott" admit to being "one of Cass Sunstein’s Cognitive Dissonance operatives," which was the fiction that Covington was peddling about me at the time.

Now he is making fake posts in my name that are a bit more believable.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Harold Covington Calls Dr. William Pierce a Coward

In his podcast of 9 June 2011 Harold Covington played the well known recording of Robert Jay Mathews' speech at the 1983 annual Labor Day gathering of the National Alliance. Covington described it as "a very rare recording." That may be true insofar as there are not many recordings of Robert Mathews, but this recording, with an introductory commentary by Dr. Pierce, has been freely available online, first through and now through, for some years now.

The speech as found online has an introductory and concluding commentaty from Dr. Pierce. (Click here to listen.)

Covington concealed the existence of Dr. Pierce's commentary on Mathews' speech from his audience, telling them that Dr. Pierce had "tried to bury" the recording for years as part of a general attempt to dissociate himself publicly from Robert Mathews.

Covington repeats the completely unsubstantiated claim that Dr. Pierce received $300,000 from Matthews, asserting that "everybody and his dog in the movement knows," which is simply a lie. By agreement with other members of the Order Mathews was supposed to give Dr. Pierce $50,000, the same amount that several others allegedly received. It is purely a matter of speculation as to whether Mathews really gave him more than that, and if so, how much more. Covington's claim that Dr. Pierce received $300,000 from Mathews is pure speculation.*

The main focus here however is on the more unusual and surprising -- one might even say absurd -- accusation that Dr. Pierce for some years tried to suppress the fact that he had ever known Robert Mathews.

I knew that National Vanguard Books had been selling cassettes of Robert Mathews' 1983 speech at least as of the early 1990s when I bought my copy from National Vanguard Books. To learn what was done with the recording in the 1980s, I had to make inquiries.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Covington Still Putting Fake Posts on his own Blog

In April it was brought to the attention of Ron Doggett and Fred Streed that Harold Covington's Northwest Front blog bore comments favorable toward Covington that were attributed to them. Both men subsequently posted on VNN Forum emphatic declarations that they were not responsible for those comments. Fred Streed referred to Covington as "Tubby" and Ron Doggett went so far as to declare: "If any 'movement' Northwest or otherwise has Covington as its main spokesperson it is doomed regardless of any other issues." (14 April 2011)

Within a few days, Covington put on a dramatic performance in which he alleged that the fraudulent posts had been made by others, whom he called "humorists." This was not a very convincing explanation, since Covington has sovereign control over the content of his blogs (with no comment appearing without prior approval) and was certainly aware before April 2011 that Fred Streed and Ron Doggett were not admirers of his.