Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Covington Lies Demolished

"Murders That Never Happened" is a short excerpt from my much longer treatment of Harold Covington's defamation of Ben Klassen. I have found this convenient as a brief and indisputable demonstration of Harold Covington's brazen lying. Recently I posted it on The Occidental Observer, and asked Covington directly if he would like to back away from these accusations:

Covington, what do you mean you rest your case?

You have a paper trail of disgrace behind you that is not going away, especially since you yourself keep those issues alive by continuing the libels.

Let me ask you this Covington, since Chechar didn’t do it: do you still stand by the Barry Edwards and Dennis Witherspoon murder accusations that you’ve been making for decades, or do you now back away from those accusations since I contacted the relevant police agencies and they say that no such crimes occurred? [31 March 2011]

Covington's silence was conspicuous and telling, but more shocking was the lack of any expression of concern from onlookers, many of whom may have come to the discussion from a link that Covington posted on his own blog.

Nonetheless it had to be an embarrassment for any Covingtonista with at least half a brain when the examples were as clear as these:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Covington knows what he is doing.

Recently there has been a divergence of interpretation about the likely motive behind some of the claims that Harold Covington has published. The premise that Covington issues false personal attacks is not in question; it is most clearly demonstrated, for example, by the several false accusations of murder that Covington has leveled at Ben Klassen. The only question is whether Covington himself believes what he is saying. Basically it is a question of conscious lying or delusionality.