Harold Covington calls for DEATH of other White Racial Leaders (1980)

This letter is apparently a response to a question from one John Denson. The key passage is this:

 ... there must be a blood purge of the weak, the stupid, the money-grubbing, the ego-tripping, and the government agents in our leadership. Koehl, Duke, Wilkinson, Fields [...], DePugh, Vincent, Shelton, Cotten, Pierce.... 

Merriam-Webster defines blood purge as "the elimination en masse by massacre or execution of individuals considered to constitute an untrustworthy or undesirable element within a party or movement." So, Covington was explicitly saying that these people should be killed. Ultimately since nobody heeded Covington's wish, he ended up assassinating the reputations of some of these men instead.

The first two names on the target-list, Koehl and Duke, figure very prominently in Covington's personal smears, second only to Ben Klassen (with right-hand man Will W. Williams), who had not yet attracted much attention in 1980, and perhaps Frazier Glenn Miller, who had been an associate of Covington's from 1976 until 1980.


  1. Hadding, I know that we have not been friends in the past but regarding this 2011 comment at Covington's blog—:

    @ “Who is this Hadding Scott weirdo? Sounds like he’s got a few screws loose.”

    He’s someone who is obsessed with HAC to the point of being not quite in his right mind. He discredited himself with his anti-HAC obsession at The Occidental Observer and at Counter-Currents. Now he is only welcomed at *former* WN sites such as Occidental Dissent.

    —Covington replaced my original phrase, “to the point of hosting two anti-Covington blogs” with a phrase of his own, “to the point of being not quite in his right mind”.

    I thought it was important to clear myself from that unexpected and unapproved interpolation.

  2. Okay. I have known for a long time that Tubby likes to alter comments that people post to his blog. I know this from Circassian and from Robert Campbell, who made the mistake of posting there.

    I take it that now you have experienced a metanoia and disavow the whole comment? Because the whole thing is a slam against me for alerting people about the Fat Man.

    1. I do disavow it. As you can see in my latest blog posts I have become disillusioned not only with Covington but with most authoritative figures in the movement. Regarding Covington, you can see my today's exchanges with Williams on the West's Darkest Hour.

      Also, notice that Will's site on Pierce is now linked almost at the top of my blog. I did it because I believe Pierce has been the best mind in the movement.

    2. Yes, far better the white race be destroyed than the movement run by anyone we find uncouth. Really, no wonder we're losing with guys like you two.

    3. Oh, Samuel Hartley, apparently you think that Tubby Tubbington really is the great White leader but Hadding has ruined everything.

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    5. Stop talking and playing into the enemy's hands and get out there and fight. If all you can do is complain about racialists in the struggle then what the hell are you doing for the struggle? What is your noble self-sacrificing contribution pray tell? If you think you can do better then do better. You want to purge the movement, then purge your own. We don't need traitors and your words sound motivated by Jewish interests on a Jewish payroll. I suspect everyone whom PUBLICLY attacks racialist leaders (especially those whom have nothing to show for their wasted divisive Jewish agenda promoting efforts). As National Socialists, we handle internal affairs in-house, not for the sheeples ill-informed and mindless consumption and interpretation. Get yourself some equipment, and do something fruitful for once in your useless life! We whom have long been in the struggle for most of our lives and have acted on our words and continue to do so, do not expect much of troublesome anti-revolutionary talkers. You consider yourself revolutionary? Then what the hell are you waiting for? Time waits for no man. Act now and bite your tongue. Keep your insubordination and seditious talk for in-house. Self-hating race-traitors will face the consequences for their actions. Focus on the enemy and your own actions. Do something decisive and final that will forever shake this world in this eternal struggle. Otherwise, you are a blight to the struggle, an insufferable idiot and nothing more than chaff. And the chaff shall be burned away from the wheat. Always for the 14 Words. Victory or death!