Gordon Ipock's Reminiscence of Harold Covington

Gordon Ipock posted this on VNN Forum on 3 February 2005 under the username EdbergEdberg. 

Harold is bad news, to be shunned...

I first met Harold Covington back in about 1987, after he had returned to North Carolina from Ireland. His purpose was to pick up the pieces of Glenn Miller's White Patriot Party. He always saw Glenn as an enlisted man and himself as officer material, and he genuinely disliked Glenn because Glenn had succeeded brilliantly in the White Movment where he had failed repeatedly. He was motivated by pure jealousy.

It didn't take me long to see that Harold's attempt at forming a neo-Confederate Nazi group was highly suspect. He had a way of wording his agenda so that followers were admitted enemies of the government... open rebels, much like the original Confederates were. It was bold stuff, but stupid as hell, unless his purpose was to set people up. I pointed this out to the followers he had attracted, and they quickly began to see what Harold was doing. You've got to understand, these guys and myself had just seen the Feds and Jews trash the WPP, which was a legal organization. Harold was building something illegal from the get-go.

In the years since I have seen Harold repeatedly attack anyone who was doing good things for our race. He spent several years attacking Ben Klassen when his COTC was white hot in the early 90s. Then during the mid-90s when the National Alliance began to make impressive strides he aimed his venom at Dr. Pierce. And the common element in both these groups was Will Williams. Will played a major role in the growth and success of both the COTC and the NA during the 90s. And for this hard work and success, Will also drew the venom of Harold Covington.

I've watched Harold at work on internet usenet groups and stuff since the mid-90s when he first became internet savvy. One thing always struck me: Harold always aimed his crticisms and lies at whomever was doing the most for our movement and race at any particular time. The only conclusion that I could reach was that Harold was working for the other side.

Harold is a very intelligent guy, and a talented writer. Perhaps he started out as a genuine pro-white activist... or perhaps he was working for the enemy from day one. I don't know where the truth is in this. But after watching him closely for several years, I could only conclude that if he wasn't on the payroll of the ADL or SPLC or the FBI, he damned sure should have been. Again, he spent most of the 1990s harshly criticizing Dr. William Pierce and the NA. And at the time, Pierce was like God and the NA was like his saints. I also had the pleasure of meeting Ben Klassen personally and he struck me as a man of high intelligence and good breeding, cultured and courteous, a real gentleman. This was while Covington was calling him "Benny Buttf-ck".

If I read in the news that someone had put a bullet in Covington's head, I would be deleriously happy. If anyone deserves a bullet in the brain, it's Harold Covington.* Of all the skunks and low-lifes, creeps and double agents in our Movement, I can think of nobody as bad as Harold Covington. If he dies before I do and is buried in North Carolina, I will make an effort to go piss on the guy's grave. The man has done immense damage to our Cause. He deserves a reputation that befits his deeds.
* While Mr. Ipock's sentiment as he stated it in 2005 is understandable, the way that he expressed himself, and the presentation of his utterance here, should not be understood as an endorsement of any illegal act.


  1. His reputation speaks for itself over the internet, and is duly noted by those of us in positions of authority. I have seen primary evidence of his behaviour on numerous occasions, and Covington is to be shunned.

  2. I really doubt if Harold is working for the feds simply because of his total lack of success. If he really was on the government payroll, they would surely do better to promote him more widely and then cherry pick his supporters one by one. It makes no sense for them to own him but keep him in his current obscurity.

  3. Yes, I do not think that Covington is working for the Federal government -- at least not on a regular basis -- but it is understandable that people who have observed him might think it, since his motives are clearly not what they should be. I attribute this to his partially Jewish ancestry.

    Even if Covington is not working for the Feds, he did go to the Feds following John Hinckley's attempted assassination of President Reagan and FALSELY claimed that Hinckley had been a member of the Hollywood Nazi group that Covington headed at the time. It shows that Covington is not at all protective of people connected to him, and suggests that although he may not be working for the Feds, he would be pleased to do so. http://noncounterproductive.blogspot.com/p/investigative-reporter-debunks.html