April Gaede on Covington and his Followers

According to April Gaede, while Harold Covington has a long and continuing history of impugning the character of others based on false accusations, he completely overlooks the most blatant character-flaws in his own supporters. 

I hoped that just trying to promote the NW migration would be enough common interest to get HAC to stick to the issues and actually get something productive done. But I have come to learn that no matter what the situation he will always resort to lies and attacks on fellow WNs, and he is quick to overlook major character flaws in some of his followers just to be able to continue to use them, no matter what the risk that creates for the rest of us. [April Gaede, VNN Forum, 6 June 2011

The only problem we have had in Kalispell is with Harold Covington's Northwest Front followers, Colonel House, his rotten raving drunken webmaster, Axis Sally the former torture porn queen, and the sweet little chain smoking thieving couple from Georgia who have a half black child and a retard they left behind. Harold is so jealous he can't contain himself so he keeps writing this trash about us because we are successful and he is not. [April Gaede, VNN Forum, 20 September 2011]

A year ago I doubted that Harold Covington could have even as many as three followers. It turns out now that he has more than three, but the quality of them is such as one would expect when the prerequisite for following is to be comfortable with malicious mendacity.

Since April Gaede broke with Covington in June 2011 and began criticizing him publicly, she herself has predictably become the target of a kind of accusation for which Covington is well known:

Harold likes to lie, he lies about everything and everybody eventually. He is very jealous of anyone who seems to be making any headway in the movement and [he bears] unreasonable anger against anyone who disagrees with him on anything that he says or does. He allows his drunken webmaster to skate by breaking many of the "rules" of the NW Front organization. He loves to point a finger at anyone who he feels is a better man, or woman, than himself. He has claimed that Will Williams is John Doe number 2 in the Oklahoma city bombing, that Dr. Pierce worked for the FBI and that Ben Klassen was a Jew. His latest claim is that I somehow was involved in getting Kevin Harpham (Joe Snuffy the Spokane backpack bomber) arrested though I never met the guy, talked to him or shared even an email with him. [April Gaede, Stormfront, 30 September 2011

Gaede's representation of Covington's behavior is entirely consistent with the information presented on this blog. 

She says that Covington's followers like to talk about illegal activities, and that she has been subjected to death-threats from them:

That is why you need to distance yourself from any people who like to talk about illegal activities. We have had to do this many times up here in Montana. So far Harold Covington's Northwest Front members have been the worst offenders, talking about all sorts of illegal practices, after we ostracized them and had nothing to do with them they threatened to kill me and my family. That is how THEY roll. [April Gaede, Stormfront, 23 March 2012]

Covington himself, in his podcasts, blatantly talks out both sides of his mouth in regard to illegality and violence. Consequently it is completely unsurprising to learn that people under his influence behave this way.

About Covington's "plan" she says this:
Is my plan like Harold Covingtons? Basically no, not at all. My plan is not based on a set of novels about violence. It is not about forming quasi military groups and committing crimes. I think that anyone who is planning that far ahead is crazier than a peach orchard boar. My plan involves basics and I refuse to put the cart before the horse, talk about borders, laws or leaders right now. I think anyone who does that is either naive or just plain living in a fantasy world. [April Gaede, VNN Forum, 28 August 2011]