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Letter to Harold Covington from Ed Steele (2004)

This letter from Ed Steele was posted on a Yahoo group by Martin Lindstedt. It confirms the contention of this blog, that Harold Covington is a reckless purveyor of libels.

It also confirms Tom Metzger's statement that Pastor Richard Butler and other original supporters of the "Northwest Imperative" from the 1980s were not in sympathy with Covington's effort, which is presented as a continuation of what they had formerly attempted. Pastor Butler evidently did not appreciate Covington's use of his name.

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Subject: RE: Disappointed?

Harold -

A long time ago, you asked me if, after knowing others had dissed you to me, I had decided to dislike you. Remember my response? "No, Harold, only you can get me to do that."

I remained friendly with you all this time. While so many others tried to get me to dump on you, I defended you to them. I told them not to make the mistake of forcing me to choose between themselves and you. I even sent you money, now and again.

Though you maliciously have attacked so many that I respect, I still maintained friendly relations with you.

I haven't tried to cross swords with you, at all, Harold. I doubt that even you think so. Problem is, I haven't fallen totally into your column and that, to you, is the unforgivable sin . . . that I don't hate the people you hate.

Bringing you in? What on earth are you talking about, Harold? I asked your input on the draft of a piece I knew would be controversial, that's all. You, alone out of the entire racialist community, then chose to take a bite out of me.

"Come out?" As in "out of the closet?" And I'd "like" the Wilde reference -- oh, I get it -- because I must be a faggot, of course. That is beneath even you, Harold.[1]

The only thing that my friend Will Williams ever has taken me to task for was in defending you to him. That's it, pal. Just you. He told me to choose between the two of you and I told him to stuff it. Even so, we have remained on friendly terms.

I must be getting too old for this, because it was just a couple of weeks ago that I cautioned Walter Mueller about lying about something I had said, telling him that he was dangerously close to being the first in the Movement to get me to go after himm. Then he backed off and we established an uneasy truce.

Now it is you who misrepresents what I have said and maligns me for not attacking selected others alongside you, especially a man who has done so much for the Movement, including a just-finished term in jail.

Tell me, honestly, Harold - just what have you ever done for the Movement other than attempt to divide its members against themselves?

Even Pastor Butler, the one person you have yet to attack, tells me he doesn't know what to make of you because of this "Butler Plan" of yours, about which you never bothered to consult him.[3] He and I and another had lunch about a month ago. He still has no problem with me. Odd that you now have.

Strangely, this comes just at a time that the Jews have gone nearly berserk about me, reaching a new height of hysteria, between the JDL and my last few essays. If I were of a more paranoid nature, I might suspect a connection with your decision to move off and fire a few salvos my way. Of course, you know that so many have accused you of being a movement plant and, amazingly, even of being Jewish yourself.

Oddly, I am about the only one in "the Movement" that has been getting along with virtually everybody else. Not to mention almost literally the only one in the Movement getting along with you. Until today.

Today, you crossed the line.

1. Steele certainly should have known better than to say that making innuendoes of that sort was beneath Covington. The smears from Covington against Ben Klassen and Will Williams had been raging for 15 years.  

2. Covington made lying attacks on David Duke in a section of his Brief History that is addressed on this blog. That, however, represents only the tip an iceberg. Attacks on Duke that Covington posted on Yahoo groups while Duke was in prison go far beyond that.

3. Metzger wrote: "Boots on the ground White leaders then were Bob Miles, Richard Butler, Tom Metzger and a few others. [...] AWOL Racial right leaders -- made worse by the northern invasion of non-Whites and vast numbers of California social Marxists, plus their rich degenerate camp followers -- turned the Northwest Republic idea into nothing more than the fading hope of dreamers, or worse. That's when the three of us agreed: 'It's too late for the Northwest idea!' -- working class young White people should hunker down in those areas they know best, maintaining their social and economic networks in place."

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  1. Covington is totally insane and posts all sorts of libel and idiocy on his blog.

    Of all the demented Hitler parodies on the internet, this idiot is by far the worst and the most piteous.