Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Testimonial

Thomas de Aynesworth
Some people, who for whatever reason seem to resent criticism of Harold Covington's false statements, like to try to discourage this activity of setting the record straight by saying that it is a waste of time, that nobody cares, that it has no effect.

Thomas de Aynesworth is one of several known counterexamples to that claim. Aynesworth was actually the person who suggested to Harold Covington the theme-music that he has been using at the beginning of his Radio Free Northwest podcast for the past three years

An exchange from February 2010 between Harold Covington (using the sockpuppet-name Jack Torrance) and Thomas de Aynesworth. (See full-sized.)

When I recently referred to Aynesworth as a supporter of Covington's, using some harsh words, he found me in my IRC channel to issue a clarification, which happens to be also a testimonial to the value and effectiveness of this blog. While he says that he was never affiliated with Covington, it is evident that he was for a time positively disposed and had some "interactions" with Covington and some of his associates, which he terminated upon becoming better informed.

[22:50] Aynesworth: I am not, and never have been affiliated with Covington. When Covington first started his radio show, I was interested, ignorant of his past history. After getting the facts, I stopped interaction altogether.
[22:51] Aynesworth: Also, meeting with a member of the NWF, I realized that any further interaction was pointless.
[22:51] Aynesworth: He was messed up.
[22:51] Hadding: Well that was a good insight. Same thing that others have said.
[22:52] Hadding: You mind if I copy and paste that?
[22:52] Aynesworth: All I am asking, is that you understand that I am not with him, never have been. When I was in his contact I was totally oblivious to his past. Your own work has helped me realize that he is a dangerous and unstable character.
This text was copied and pasted with permission.

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