Sunday, July 1, 2012

Evelyn Hill on Harold Covington's Fraudulent Use of Names

Evelyn Hill, erstwhile office-manager (1995-2000) for Dr. William Pierce, says that Harold Covington has a history of fraudulently using her name and the names of other members of the National Alliance:

"I did not make the comment attributed to me on Harold Covington's blog, nor am I a supporter of his. Covington pretended to be me when I worked for the National Alliance.  He also assumed the identity of other members. In addition to this he would create entirely fictitious identities in attempts to disrupt pro-White activism."

In fraudulently commenting on his own blog, Covington has used a number of names of former prominent members of the National Alliance, not just "Evelyn Hill." Two that have been demonstrated are Fred Streed and Ron Doggett.

An example of an "entirely fictitious identity" that Covington used to disrupt pro-White activism would be "Brad Davis" or "L. Bradford Davis," an exposed pseudonym under which Covington pretended to be a member of the National Alliance and wrote the scurrilous "Thirty Questions for Dr. Pierce" and "Why I Broke with William Pierce."

Update! See Covington's ridiculous response, as blatantly dishonest as can be. Yes, using Evelyn Hill's name again, even after he's been definitively caught. Showing infinite chutzpah, he did it again on 19 July 2012.

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