Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Harold Covington and Frank Collin

A documentary video from March 1977 shows Harold Covington as Frank Collin's right-hand man at a press-conference of the "National Socialist Party of America" in Chicago.*

Harold Covington (far right) as Frank Collin's chief defender, 1977

At 2:23 a reporter asks Collin, "What do you recommend for your father?"

Covington shoots back, "One more crack and you're out!"

Apparently the reporter was referring to the fact that Frank Collin's father was a Jew, Max Simon Collin, born Cohn, who had spent time in Dachau.

Since the press-conference was over, all the reporters and cameramen were about to be "out" anyway, but by butting in, Covington created a distraction that saved Collin from the awkwardness of either addressing or directly refusing to address the question about his father.

Frazier Glenn Miller, who was a member of Covington's North Carolina unit of the NSPA, says Collin once traveled on a motorcycle to visit the North Carolina unit. After Collin's departure, Miller said to Covington, "That guy looks like a Jew." In that instance too, Covington tried to obfuscate, insisting that Collin was "Black Irish."

A report on Collin's Jewish paternal ancestry was carried by UPI as early as April 1970. Harold Covington joined Collin's group in 1976. As part of the worldwide reaction to Collin's declared intention to stage a uniformed march of "nazis" through a largely Jewish suburb, Collin came under intensified scrutiny in 1977 and the story about his Jewish father was widely publicized. Covington definitely knew.

The explanation for Covington's willingness to stand by and defend Collin under the circumstances may lie in the fact that Covington himself is the grandson of one A.B. Glass, founder of the Dixie Bedding Company in Greensboro, North Carolina (Encyclopedia of White Power, ed. Jeffrey Kaplan, p. 76). It was from this grandfather that Covington inherited $90,000.

In spite of the attention to his Jewish ancestry, Collin lasted as head of the NSPA, with Covington as second-in-command, until he was ousted in November 1979. Collin's arrest for sexually abusing two 10-year-old boys at NSPA headquarters following in January 1980.

It was NSPA member Mike Whalen who found the evidence that led to Frank Collin's arrest. Covington sometimes implies (e.g. in "The Seabrook Theory") that he was responsible for Frank Collin's downfall, but he was not. After Whalen made the discovery, the cat was out of the bag and Covington could not save Collin if he was so inclined. Whether Covington had been turning a blind eye to Collin's sexual habits along with his ancestry until then is anybody's guess.

In Covington's "The Frank Collin Affair" (1 August 2005) on his own blog, and in the largely identical section about Frank Collin in Covington's Brief History, there is no mention whatsoever of any allegation about Frank Collin's Jewish paternal ancestry, even though it has long been known to the entire world. On 5 June 2012, somebody calling himself "The Old Man" (a nickname that Covington uses) even removed a reference to Collin's being half-Jewish from the Metapedia article about Covington.

Harold Covington suppresses the fact that Frank Collin is half-Jewish.

Apparently Covington would not like to explain why, when he knew that his fuehrer was half-Jewish, he chose for at least 2½ years -- and still chooses -- to overlook and even suppress the fact, while making completely spurious accusations of Jewish ancestry against men like Matt Koehl and Ben Klassen.

Covington's penchant for accusing various White racialist leaders of having some terrible, dark secret has every appearance of being a projection from his own life.
* As of 28 June, after noting a flurry of visits to this blog and interest in this article from somebody in Port Orchard, Washington (where Harold Covington has a mail-drop in the UPS Store), I decided to check the video linked in the article, only to find that it had been removed by the user that posted it. Since the rest of hadroid's videos pertaining to the NSPA and Skokie are still on YouTube, I infer that somebody threw a fit to have that particular video removed. Fortunately I still have an image from that video to prove that it existed.


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    1. It's good to know that Wolf Wall Street appreciates my work.

  2. Interesting article. Collin was almost certainly working for the 'other side' all along, note his brief 3 yr prison stint. The Skokie thing merely accelerated the whole holocaust -as- sob story phenom.

    If you want to learn more about authentic 'white nationalism,' first try Jonathan Bowden, YT has some good videos by him.

    1. Bowden is good.

      I think you'd have to compare other prison-terms for comparable offenses to say that Frank Collin got lenient treatment.

      Frank Collin was convicted of "child molestation" and for that he was sentenced to seven years. Being let out after three years of a seven-year sentence is not extraordinary.

      I looked into a similar argument about Patler/Patsolos and it doesn't hold up. Also, note that Hal Turner was not protected by the fact that he had been working for the Feds.

      I think Frank Collin is understandable as a part-Jew with psychological issues, like some others that have been attracted to the "Hollywood Nazi" scene.

  3. I always thought Covingtom was a Jew too.

  4. What documentary is that video from?

    1. The image is not really from a documentary but from raw footage about the Skokie affair that somebody posted on Youtube in about ten segments. It may or may not have been reposted.