Thursday, July 28, 2011

Letters of Praise from Famous People to Harold Covington

Carlos Whitlock Porter

A letter purporting to be from  Carlos Whitlock Porter, author of Not Guilty at Nuremberg and The Truth about Rhodesia, appeared in Harold Covington's free Resistance newsletter on the occasion of Hitler's birthday in 1997:

Dear "Winston",

Sorry, still have trouble with the nom de plume. In any case, my heartiest best wishes to you on this Fuhrertag*, from an ex-member of the "Wicked Winston Chorus" (used to be "Hate Harold Chorus"). I am impressed with your dedication and your indefatigable persistence in the face of all the years of harassment and abuse you have gone through, and I regret my own past contributions to your detractors. You are one of the most powerful racial presences on the Internet today.

Carlos W. Porter
Belgium  ["Porter to Covington," Shofar FTP]

This piece was subsequently republished by the anti-Revisionist organization Nizkor. Porter complained bitterly to Nizkor that he had not written the letter:

I then discovered that one of the most prominent items in the Nizkoprophagic spy and lie files on me, featured very prominently and still there, 2½ years later [in 1999], is an alleged “letter” to Harold Covington dated 20 April 1997 which I did not write and had never before seen.

I complained to Nizkor immediately, denying that I wrote it, demanding a retraction and an apology. No answer. I complained repeatedly. No answer. I also pointed out certain errors in their other files on me. No answer.
I repeat: I did not write the letter in question, I complained about it repeatedly, and it is still there. [The Website of Carlos Whitlock Porter]

Nizkor has never removed the letter.

Covington's bizarre response, when Porter contacted him for assistance in convincing Nizkor that the letter was fake, was to maintain to Porter that he was an imposter and that the real Carlos Whitlock Porter had died several years earlier!**

Other such letters to Harold Covington purporting to be from prominent people should be judged with these facts in mind.
* One of the giveaways that this was a forgery is that Carlos Porter, a linguist, knew how to spell Fuehrer or Führer but Covington did not and still has not learned it. Covington made the same mistake when he forged a post on his blog that he attributed to me (as I documented in the post of 24 June 2011).

** VHO's biography of Porter indicates that he is still alive and resides in Belgium.


  1. On the wild off chance that you give a damn, mon idiot--a dubious proposition,I know--but on that wild off chance, you are barking way, WAY up the wrong tree here.

    Both Porter and Beam letters are entirely genuine. I do not forge testimonials. Carlos Porter's e-identity was hijacked some years ago, back in your beloved 1990s in fact, by some kind of lefty-lib or anti-fa freak over there in Europe. I can't recall the details now, since it's been about 15 years or so, but all kinds of weird crap was getting posted under Porter's name for a while there, which he never posted and knew nothing about. You know, the kind of crap you pull now.

  2. Harold, why would somebody be impersonating Carlos Porter? Just to embarrass you?

    Since you brought up the alleged letters from Louis Beam ...

    If you are really getting letters from Louis Beam and if he really is your friend then why don't you just ask him for recordings of his speeches instead of asking your podcast audience if they have any (as mentioned in the podcast of 28 July 20ll)?

    And do you realize that the statement attributed to Louis Beam in the alleged 2007 "Louis Beam to HAC" letter (still visible on VNN Forum where 6KILLER posted it), in which Beam supposdly says that you are noteworthy for honesty, makes Louis Beam look like an idiot? I just can't believe that it's authentic.

    Even the most ardent Covingtonistas don't claim that Harold Covington is honest! Instead they make excuses for his lying.

  3. I found this interesting parallel to Covington's crazy claim that the real Carlos W. Porter is dead:

    "Besides, how can I ask Covington for his side of the story now, when his official party line is that I do not exist, but am the "alter ego" of some 70 year old man whom I've never met (see what I mean about him being nuts, and making crazy claims)?"

    That's Raine Butler on Stormfront, 25 November 2003.

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  5. Another one, eh?

    I saw some nasty stuff on Covington's venues attached to the name Harlan Markwalder. I figured Mr. Markwalder must have done something good to deserve that.