Thursday, June 16, 2011

Covington Still Putting Fake Posts on his own Blog

In April it was brought to the attention of Ron Doggett and Fred Streed that Harold Covington's Northwest Front blog bore comments favorable toward Covington that were attributed to them. Both men subsequently posted on VNN Forum emphatic declarations that they were not responsible for those comments. Fred Streed referred to Covington as "Tubby" and Ron Doggett went so far as to declare: "If any 'movement' Northwest or otherwise has Covington as its main spokesperson it is doomed regardless of any other issues." (14 April 2011)

Within a few days, Covington put on a dramatic performance in which he alleged that the fraudulent posts had been made by others, whom he called "humorists." This was not a very convincing explanation, since Covington has sovereign control over the content of his blogs (with no comment appearing without prior approval) and was certainly aware before April 2011 that Fred Streed and Ron Doggett were not admirers of his.

While Covington was acknowledging that his blog contained fraudulent posts, he failed to  demonstrate good faith by removing those posts. Those posts bearing the names Fred S., Ron Doggett, and Ron D., are still on the blog. Moreover, Covington continues the practice, apparently believing that his readers have a very short attention-span.

In June 2011 a new comment attributed to Ron Doggett appeared.

In addition to Fred Streed and Ron Doggett, Covington's blog also bears comments attributed to K.A.S. (Kevin Alfred Strom) and Bob Demarais, all former prominent members of William L. Pierce's National Alliance. 

The obvious motive for Covington in doing this is to create the impression that he, Harold Covington, is the heir apparent to Dr. Pierce, and that remnants of the National Alliance are gravitating to him. This is a development that Covington wishfully depicted in his novel Hill of the Ravens, which he wrote immediately after Dr. Pierce's death (and in which he accused Dr. Pierce of having been a Federal informant: see my post of 17 February 2011 about that).

Covington even boasts that  former members of the National Alliance are in his "Northwest Front." It is hard to imagine who those former members might be, since Dr. Pierce took the extraordinary measure of warning members against having anything to do with Covington, and all of them in my acquaintance (with the temporary exception of April Gaede, who, as a result of bad experience, has recently come to her senses) have taken that warning seriously.


  1. Your "research" has failed you. Covington possesses site admin privileges for his blog, but most moderation is done by a young man who never heard of the National Alliance and certainly never heard of the trollish cast of characters that post occasionally. Former members of the National Alliance are Northwest Front associates mostly in Kalispell, MT, where April Gaede's bizaare blend of materialist liberalism and vicious judgementalism drove them from the PLE. Your speculation and guesswork in public venues are really quite amusing--please keep it up.

  2. Anybody can make a claim like that.

    It could be that "Colonel House" was the one making the posts, in which case Covington really didn't need to make a big post on his blog pretending to be confused about who on earth was doing it. But that doesn't make much difference. The fact remains that after being essentially forced to do damage control after it was demonstrated that he had fake posts on his blog, Covington did not rectify the problem, and the fake posts have continued to appear. Covington is clearly okay with the fake posts, whether he actually writes them himself (which would be completely typical of him, with his long history of forum-sockpuppetry) or not.