Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Name that Covington Used

Since Harold Covington is attempting to obfuscate after being caught red-handed using other people's names fraudulently, it should be helpful to bring forth yet more evidence.

Apparently Harold Covington in the second half of 2004 formed a Yahoo group called NotVNN, obviously in reaction to the diligent policing of VNN Forum's moderators against Covington and his endless sockpuppetry (e.g. here).* In some of his spam-solicitations for NotVNN Covington fraudulently used the name of Billy Roper. Ben Vinyard reported receiving an invitation to join that Yahoo group:

"Tired of getting kicked off VNN, banned, and refused registration?" begins the e-mail. I have received a couple of invitations from "different" sources, one of which was an e-mail account fraudulently using Billy Roper's name. [Ben Vinyard, VNN Forum, 22 October 2004]

Since Ben Vinyard was a friend and collaborator of Roper's at the time, there can hardly be any room for doubt here.

What we are seeing is a long-established pattern of behavior that continues still.
*VNN Forum was dominated by people who had been members of the National Alliance and still heeded Dr. William Pierce's warning against Covington's destructive influence.


  1. Harold Covington impersonated me by using one of my pen names in 1996, when I was being introduced to White nationalism in online newsgroups. He was trying to drive a wedge between myself and the National Alliance by faking posts from me. When I caught him doing it, he made a three-word mocking reply. It was "Booga! Booga! Booga!"

  2. Okay apparently this is Jerry Abbott? I quoted your comment about that incident from VNN Forum in the blog entry titled, Covington will Hijack Your Identity.

    I hope that you enjoy my blog.