Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Name that Covington Used

Since Harold Covington is attempting to obfuscate after being caught red-handed using other people's names fraudulently, it should be helpful to bring forth yet more evidence.

Apparently Harold Covington in the second half of 2004 formed a Yahoo group called NotVNN, obviously in reaction to the diligent policing of VNN Forum's moderators against Covington and his endless sockpuppetry (e.g. here).* In some of his spam-solicitations for NotVNN Covington fraudulently used the name of Billy Roper. Ben Vinyard reported receiving an invitation to join that Yahoo group:

"Tired of getting kicked off VNN, banned, and refused registration?" begins the e-mail. I have received a couple of invitations from "different" sources, one of which was an e-mail account fraudulently using Billy Roper's name. [Ben Vinyard, VNN Forum, 22 October 2004]

Since Ben Vinyard was a friend and collaborator of Roper's at the time, there can hardly be any room for doubt here.

What we are seeing is a long-established pattern of behavior that continues still.
*VNN Forum was dominated by people who had been members of the National Alliance and still heeded Dr. William Pierce's warning against Covington's destructive influence.