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Typical Elements of a Covington Smear

Harold Covington.
Covington's additions to Rick Cooper's attack on Matt Koehl are very similar to the smears that Covington aimed at Ben Klassen.  On that basis we can begin to catalog the elements typical of a Covington smear.

1. Self-Promotion. The whole point of the Brief History is promotion of Harold Covington. In the final section, "What the Hell is Wrong With White Nationalists?", immediately after a paragraph in which Covington places his name at the head of a very short list of only four commendable White Nationalists, (the other three of which, when the Brief History appeared in 2007, did not lead organizations and therefore offered no competition to Covington), this passage appears, which quite frankly summarizes the whole purpose of the Brief History as promotion of Harold Covington:

Right now, the only actual plan or strategy which exists in the White Nationalist movement is Northwest Migration, advocated by Harold Covington but also by many others. The Movement as a whole has responded, not with support for the Northwest or by producing an alternate plan or plans, but by intensifying the already unspeakably vicious personal smear campaign directed against Covington. This behavior will either change, or the White race will perish from the face of the earth within the lifetime of infants now born. It is time for serious people in White Nationalism, what few such people there are, to either A) Quit talking shit about Covington and get behind Northwest Migration, or B) Produce a viable and realistic alternate plan.

There are only two additional paragraphs at the end of the Brief History.  Those last two paragraphs support the promotion of Covington by emphasizing the need to shun all the "kooks and assholes," which means people other than Covington.

Other examples of gratuitous self-promotion are peppered throughout A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement, in sections where Harold Covington was not the subject:
Harold Covington has been subjected to years of vicious persecution, slander, and vilification because of his constant refusal to maintain a discreet and respectful silence over acts of perversion and skullduggery within the Movement, and his demands for the imposition of some kind or moral standards or code of conduct on the Movement’s self-appointed “leaders."

Where Cooper mentions the formation of breakaway factions from the NSWPP, Covington adds:
Foremost among these was the National Socialist Party of America (NSPA) centered in Chicago, of which more will be related at the proper time.

Covington seems to consider himself the leading figure in the NSPA. His "A Brief History of National Socialism in North America" (1998) discusses the NSPA only in terms of Harold Covington and does not even allude to the existence of Frank Collin, who had founded the NSPA in 1970 and although nefarious was obviously the important figure in that group.  The failure even to mention him in that context is stalinesque.  Covington led the NSPA for two years after Collin's 1979 arrest then chose a BATF informant as his own successor.

Harold Covington (right) with Frank Collin (left)

Covington seems unable to resist injecting positive references to himself in his attacks on others.  It's fundamentally all about him anyway.  The smears are directed against people who have crossed Harold Covington, and the purpose is to elevate Harold Covington relative to them.

2.  Foibles that make the smear-target seem silly and unworthy of respect.  Covington added these tidbits to Rick Cooper's attack on Matt Koehl:

In addition, some of Koehl’s fund-raising practices were controversial and alienated many people, notably his auctioning off of small matchbox-sized increments of Commander Rockwell’s ashes under the slogan “Get Your Piece of the Rock.”
Now aged 72, in recent years Koehl has apparently become senile, and developed a bizarre mystical obsession with the number 8; much of his correspondence consists of dissertations on the number 8 and strange origami-like designs drawn by hand or computer using the number 8.

Rick Cooper was critical of Dr. William Pierce for not supporting his vendetta against Matt Koehl, but Covington adds this silly embellishment:

Since Pierce was well known as a physical coward who was afraid of being struck or threatened or shouted at in a loud voice, he crumpled and handed over all of the Koehl material. Thus was born the National Alliance.

These brief anecdotes are actually humorous, like the liposuction smear in "The Self-Promotion of  David Duke." 

The goat-dance story about Ben Klassen could be  in this category, if you are not one of those primitive Christians that is prone to take such stories at face value.  However, the way Covington solemnly refers to the COTC  even in 2010 as "Goat Dancers" suggests that he expects his podcast audience to take it seriously.

3. Accusations that the smear-target is a sexual pervert -- and a dangerous one at that.  The Brief History has both Klassen and Koehl involved in anal rape.  (COINTELPRO, and the fact that it ended in 1971, may be the reason why there was a pre-existing rumor of this sort about Koehl and not about Klassen, since the Church of the Creator was only founded two years after COINTELRPO ended.)

This smear has the convenient attribute that it automatically insinuates the same accusation against anybody that doesn't ostracize the targeted person, as in this passage from "The Self-Promotion of David Duke." This is one of the few passages in that section that Covington did not plagiarize from the SPLC:

Why [David Duke] would wish to maintain the secret of a highly placed homosexual in the Movement is unknown. After visiting Dr. Pierce, Duke visited Matt Koehl at the NSWPP headquarters.

4. Conspiracies that commit heinous crimes without ever being punished.  What makes Covington's conspiracy-theorizing unusual is that he aims his lurid accusations of conspiracy not at Jews, who have cohesion and an ethos that facilitate conspiracy against non-Jewish  society, but at voluntary associations of White people concerned for their race.  

The obvious question is how it could be possible that Harold Covington would know of such crimes without the police also knowing and making an arrest. For such a dubious proposition to seem credible, it is necessary to create a cloud of mystification.  There is a tendency in these stories to rely heavily on what is not known or not knowable. "Rumors" (surely invented by Covington) are cited to suggest to the reader how to fill the void.  

Here Covington offers spurious confirmation of his innuendo that a conspiracy within the NSWPP had killed Rockwell:

Koehl later claimed to be Rockwell’s hand-picked successor and “Deputy Commander,” but no official appointment to this particular post over Rockwell’s signature has ever been produced and so far as anyone recalls, Koehl never used such a title when Rockwell was alive.* The reference to Koehl as “Deputy Commander” on the last page of White Power is a later addendum which does not appear in first editions of the book. There have been persistent rumors down through the years that on the night of Commander Rockwell’s murder, Captain Robert Lloyd and Dr. William Pierce broke into Commander Rockwell’s safe and destroyed his political testament. It is not known what this document contained.

One of Covington's favorite variations on this theme is the accusation of getting away with fraud.  Covington uses this several times in his smear of Klassen.  In the cases of both Klassen and Koehl, Covington insinuates that the culprit is able to escape consequences or cover up the history of his fraud because he has privileged connections or is secretly favored by the powers that be. 

Cooper accused Koehl of corruption in the way he managed the NSWPP and its resources but that was not enough for Covington, who added this:

Koehl later managed to escape investigation and indictment for securities fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission for selling something he called “Victory Bonds” payable after “the day of National Socialist victory.” An SEC investigation is usually something impossible to shake off or divert; with all their wealth and power, big Jew stock swindlers like Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken and tycoons like Conrad Black were unable to do so. Yet the SEC investigation against Koehl was quietly dropped. It is not known why, but anyone who can make an SEC investigation go away obviously has some pretty heavy juice working for him somewhere along the line.

5. Insinuation that the smear-victim is a Jew.  Cooper very briefly, with a single subordinate clause, insinuated that there might be something questionable about Koehl's lineage. 

Whether Koehl's actions are based on genetic background (His father is Rumanian and his mother's maiden name is Bierbaum) ...

That is the full extent of Cooper's speculation about Koehl's racial heritage.  Covington took that one tin drum and built a whole marching band around it.  The paragraph below is clearly an expansion of Cooper's brief comment because the parenthetical clause from Cooper reappears in pieces, and the rest of the paragraph is an attempt to answer the question "Whether Koehl's actions are based on genetic background" with a yea that will seem credible due to the large amount of verbiage devoted to it.

In the mid-1980s Rick Cooper was able to get hold of a copy of Matt Koehl’s birth certificate, and he discovered that while his father was Romanian, probably of German descent (there are many Saxon Germans in Romania) his mother’s maiden name was Ruth Bierbaum, which is about as Jewish-sounding a name as it’s possible for a woman to have. Since Ruth Bierbaum was presumably born in Romania as well, at a time when the country was almost one third Jewish, it has been impossible to establish Koehl’s actual racial antecedents, but his swarthy skin and greasy hair were always noteworthy within the Movement. There is an excellent probability that Koehl’s mother was Jewish, which would make him Jewish under rabbinic law, since descent is determined on the female side because “no one can truly know the father save the mother.” (A fancy Talmudic way of saying that Jewish women are such sluts that the mother is the only parent who can be reliably determined.) Plus there was the strong suspicion, never completely dissipated, that Koehl was somehow involved in Rockwell’s murder, as well as the constantly hovering rumors about the 1955 New York buggery case, and the well-known fact of Koehl’s open aversion to women.

Note that Cooper did not say that Koehl's mother's name was Ruth; he only gave her surname, Bierbaum, which is quite German. Covington added the Hebrew given name Ruth. Even if that is accurate, there is no reason why a woman named either Ruth or Bierbaum must be Jewish, and the other allegations to which Covington refers as forming a coherent picture with this allegation of Jewishness are not proven either.  This is a lot of nothing being made to look like something simply by talking it up.

Covington pulled out all the stops in attacking both Matt Koehl and Ben Klassen.  According to Covington's anonymous Brief History, both men are Jewish swindlers, homosexual rapists, and murders who got away with multiple serious crimes, and even when caught escaped conviction and had the public records destroyed, without any indication of any of their nefarious activities ever appearing in newspapers.  And Harold Covington is the lone voice of decency.
* In my research on the death of George Lincoln Rockwell I found documentation that Koehl had indeed been publicly known as the Deputy Commander. On 14 April 1967, just a few months before Rockwell's death, the Free Lance-Star of Fredericksburg, Virginia reported:
The Spotsylvania County American Nazi Party chapter is making plans to celebrate the birthday of Adolph Hitler next Thursday, April 20. [...] Principal speaker will be Maj. Matt Koehl, deputy commander of the American Nazi Party and second in command to George Lincoln Rockwell. [Free Lance-Star, 14 April 1967]

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