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On "The National Alliance, Incorporated"

"The National Alliance, Incorporated: A ZOG False-Flag Combat Cell" appeared on Thomas Chittum's now defunct "Firebase Skull" site on 6 October 2003 billed as "Unconfirmed info about National Alliance sent in by emailer." You can still view the original post through the Internet Wayback Machine. There is an indication that the piece appeared on earlier, on 11 August 2003. The year 2003 is mentioned in the text, which means that the  attribution of 2002 as the date of publication in A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement is wrong.

The author uses the pseudonym Maguire. The prevalent speculation when this item appeared was that Maguire was some member of the Gliebe faction which was at that time trying to wrest control of the National Alliance away from the Board of Directors, since naming the directors was a way to pressure the last one appointed by Dr. Pierce who hadn't yet resigned, but had a sensitive job and didn't want public attention, to step down. It's perplexing, though, that a faction trying to take over an organization would propagate the view that the organization itself is not worthwhile.

Some people thought Maguire was Harold Covington, since he was the best-known source of scurrilous attacks against White Nationalists. The style of the writing though would be unusually spare for Covington.  Furthermore, Covington seems to know the difference between principle and principal, which Maguire as of 2003 did not: principle is misused twice.  On the other hand, already by 4 August 2003 in "Covington on the Gliebe Coup," Covington was referring pointedly to the National Alliance as a "for-profit, Virginia corporation," an inaccurate description lifted from Maguire's silly essay, and roughly contemporary with its debut. So, if not the author, Covington was at least an early enthusiast for this work.

Covington finds it to be flawless, as part of the anonymous Brief History which he lauds (and posts in propria persona on fora and sends out to people via email in six parts). Covington proclaims: "What I will say about the document is that its unknown author or authors know their beeswax and have done their homework. I cannot find a single significant error in fact...." * (Northwest Front, 7 February 2010)

Maguire states what he regards as the premise of his argument at the beginning:

The key to understanding the National Alliance (NA) is understanding the real structure of the NA. The National Alliance is a private for-profit corporation chartered by the Commonwealth of Virginia (not West Virginia).

The NA has stockholders, officers, directors and customers.

With these claims Maguire has established a foundation that already points toward the cynical conclusion that the National Alliance under Dr. William Pierce was really all about making money.  In the highly judaized United States of America, where motives other than sex and money are not widely understood, such cynical accusations are readily believed. "Follow the money-trail," is a popular axiom.

On 2 August 2010 Jim Giles, after I told him that Maguire's premises were wrong, telephoned Virginia's State Corporation Commission to learn the truth of the matter.

Hear the essential part of the interview by clicking here.

Giles reached a woman named Ruth. First he asked Ruth to look up "(The) National Alliance, Incorporated." This is the name given in the title and throughout Maguire's essay.  Ruth said, "I have a National Alliance. It doesn't have Incorporated at the end. So that would indicate that it's a non-stock corporation...."

This was not what Giles expected to hear. He asked again. Giles: "You say it's non-stockholding, so there are no stockholders? Ruth: "Right, it's like a non-profit. This is like a foundation or a non-profit."

Giles probed Ruth for the possibility that the National Alliance's corporate status had changed since Maguire wrote his piece in 2003 but according to Ruth the National Alliance had always been a non-stock corporation at least since 1982.

Dr. Pierce had chartered the National Alliance in the form of a nonprofit educational foundation because he had intended that it should get Federal tax-exempt status. An application for 501(c)(3) status was submitted to the IRS in 1977.  A legal battle ensued, ending  with an adverse decision of the D. C. Circuit United States Court of Appeals in 1982.**

As for the "false-flag combat cell" part of the accusation -- a description absurd on its face to anybody that was a member of the National Alliance under William Pierce -- all Maguire has to offer is surmise based on the false premise that the National Alliance was known to be a "dangerous  terrorist organization." ***

Who was this Maguire person and what did he really know about the National Alliance? The title itself was blatantly wrong insofar as there was no such entity as "The National Alliance, Incorporated." If he had known that, then with his pretended expertise Maguire should also have known that it was not a for-profit corporation and that it could not have had stockholders. Despite an ostentatious pretense of expert knowledge, this author seems to have known next to nothing about his topic.
* On 3 August 2010 Covington admitted having found an error in A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement, but not in the section under discussion here.
** The National Alliance ended up with what is called "taxable nonprofit" status.
*** For a reasonable portrait of the National Alliance under William Pierce consult the works of Professor Robert Griffin.

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