Monday, August 9, 2010

The Deguello Report

This kind of mass-smear is not a new phenomenon. In 1976, in the days before e-mail spam, some anonymous source mass-mailed a booklet called the Deguello Report, which purported to be produced by some former members of intelligence agencies of various Western nations hoping to set straight patriots in the United States.  Parts of the Deguello Report were very well written.  It begins with a discussion of Communism, which Deguello presents as the main conspiracy, and ostensible facets of that, Socialism, Judaism, and "Homosexualism."  Deguello goes on to explain that the patriotic cause in the USA has been infiltrated with members of these three sub-conspiracies of Communism, and the bulk of the report is occupied with telling us who these worms are.

Some of the accusations in Deguello were true.  For example, what it said about right-wing Christian leader Billy James Hargis was true: he was sodomizing boys and girls at American Christian College, of which he was president; this was a fact documentable from mainstream news reports.  Most of the accusations in Deguello, however, were neither documented nor documentable.  This was probably why the report was attributed to foreign intelligence agents, to explain how the authors would have information that nobody else could find out -- as if the intelligence services of Spain or France would have found it worthwhile to investigate the sexual habits of political nonentities in the United States.

It has been suggested, credibly I think, that the purpose of the Deguello Report was to destroy competition for donations in the patriot milieu by defaming the competitors.  Oddly enough, one group that only gets slight criticism from Deguello that is more than offset by high praise is Frank Collin's Chicago-based National-Socialist Party of America. Deguello says: "Although somewhat confused ideologically, members of this group are generally high caliber individuals."  What a telling omission!  Frank Collin was a homosexual pedophile, whose father was a former concentration-camp inmate born with the name Cohn, as was later documented by mainstream news sources.  Furthermore, if I recall correctly, there was scuttlebutt about Collin's ethnic origin already in the late 1960s before he broke with the organization that Rockwell had founded. But these alleged former intelligence agents, the authors of the Deguello Report, somehow missed that.


  1. There was never any evidence that Billy James Hargis was having sex with his students. Those were only allegations.

  2. If you want to say that allegations made by four male students and a female are "no evidence" then I guess you are entitled to think that. Hargis resigned as president of the American Christian College because of it.