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The "Brief History" Analyzed according to its Sources

On 7 February 2010 on the Northwest Front forum (taken down between 14 and 27 September 2010, but restored after a link to an internet cache of the site was posted here) Covington made this claim about the authorship of A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement:

Someone tacked together a potpourri of Movement internal stuff from the past 30 years including some writings from me, Louis Beam, Bill White, the late Rick Cooper, the late David McCalden, and some National Alliance people like Fred Streed and Brad Davis. The Glenn Miller section is pretty much mine and the Klassen section was largely mine although with some interesting new material I'd never seen before.

In his "Thoughtcrime" blog entry of 3 August 2010 (the day after an appearance by Will Williams and Hadding Scott on Radio Free Mississippi, in which Covington and the Brief History were discussed) Covington claims a larger number of other authors and seems to deemphasize his own contribution:

The lengthy article or small book A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement is divided into a number of parts or sections, each dealing with a particular movement, group, or individual personality in the Movement's past. These sections are basically "re-worked" and in some cases outright plagiarized from the written works of a large number of Movement authors and sources. These include the late Rick Cooper, Louis Beam, Bill White, Brad Davis, the late Andrew McCalden, Willis Carto, several SPLC reports, the Deguello Report, Gary Gallo, the National Alliance commentator "Maguire", Fred Streed (I think), and a number of other writers--including myself.

I did not find any evidence of most of the sources that Covington mentions. I found nothing that I could trace to Louis Beam, Andrew McCalden, Fred Streed, Willis Carto, Gary Gallo, or the Deguello Report, and Brad Davis is not a real person (as Covington well knows). I am guessing that this multitude of names from the "movement" was introduced so as to help minimize the importance of Covington's own contribution; if you find that any sentence written by Willis Carto, Louis Beam, etc. actually did appear in the Brief History, please let me know. I have accounted for the text of the Brief History to such an extent that it seems unlikely that any statement in the work could be traced to one of those alleged sources.

The sources that I have found were copied and pasted together (with some rewriting and plenty of added comment) to create A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement include the following:

1. Harold Covington, "A Brief History of National-Socialism in North America" (1998).
2. Harold Covington, "The Frank Collin Affair," a blog post of 1 August 2005.
3. Rick Cooper, "A Brief History of White Nationalism" (1994 or slightly later).
4. The Southern Poverty Law Center: "Insatiable" (about David Duke) and "A History" (about the COTC) and, to a much smaller degree, "They're Back" (about Glenn Miller et al.).
5. Bill White, "Frazier Glenn Miller: A Biography Up Through His Convictions" (22 February 2006, originally published on the now-defunct Overthrow.com and still visible here.)
6. Maguire, "The National Alliance, Incorporated: A False-Flag Combat Cell"(2003).
7. Statemaster Encyclopedia.
8. Wikipedia.
9. Other online encyclopedias (AllExperts, etc.).

There is also some original writing.  Through a process of exclusion, with identification of the passages that are copied and pasted from known sources, it becomes easier to identify the passages written by the compiler. Likewise, small changes made in passages that have otherwise been copied verbatim show the compiler's biases and interests.  Analysis of the text into sources is a way to determine which claims have a source and which claims were inserted by the compiler, and thereupon to infer the compiler's identity. 

It is abundantly obvious that the author of this Brief History, in his utterances between plagiarized passages, has a penchant for gratuitous, off-topic praise of Harold Covington's and Frank Collin's National Socialist Party of America, and likewise for gratuitous attacks on Ben Klassen and Glenn Miller.  Those two men have in common that they lived in North Carolina where Covington also lived, and had organizations based there that completely overshadowed Covington's efforts.

Comments added and changes made by the compiler to the plagiarized passages are generally on the side of making the account more defamatory.  (One exception: where Rick Cooper had referred to Matt Koehl's father as Romanian, the compiler commented that he was probably an ethnic German from Romania, but this was more than offset by the expansion of innuendos about Koehl's mother.)

The author's own very negative opinion of White Nationalism in general, and his willingness to reproduce the SPLC's material at length and without criticism, are quite remarkable considering that this work has been posted on various internet fora by individuals purporting to be in sympathy with White Nationalism. 

This is the foundation for an analysis of the entire work.  Each section is listed with a description of its content and sources to the right (some of which have yet to be filled in).

Introduction. Slightly rewritten from Rick Cooper.

Defining White Nationalism. Uses Cooper's operative definition (that W.N. is the movement for a White homeland) but is expanded greatly beyond what Cooper wrote. While Cooper counted current Klan groups as White Nationalist, Anonymous excludes them as “reactionary” and not “revolutionary.” This section contains a statement that very closely resembles a statement made by Covington elsewhere ("The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Honkey," 28 July 2007) under his own name: “Skinhead is no longer a political or social or ideological movement; it has become an urban gang culture....”

Early Beginnings. Almost entirely copied from Covington's A Brief History of National Socialism in North America (1998)

Every Man a King, but No One Wears the Crown. Copied verbatim from Covington's A Brief History of National Socialism in North America (1998).

The National Renaissance Party. Two paragraphs copied verbatim from Covington's A Brief History of National Socialism in North America (1998) followed by seven paragraphs rewritten from Cooper and finally a paragraph that seems to be completely original and refers to Harold Covington.

The National States Rights Party. Two paragraphs rewritten from Cooper in a way that gives much less credit to the NSRP.

The Heroic Figure of George Lincoln Rockwell. Ten paragraphs from Covington's 1998 A Brief History of National Socialism in North America, the last of them slightly rewritten.

The Fields Lawsuit. Three paragraphs rewritten from Cooper followed by one paragraph obviously composed by Covington as an allusion to the Williams v. Covington lawsuit.

The Murder of George Lincoln Rockwell. One paragraph rewritten from Cooper, followed by three paragraphs elaborating on a passage in Covington's 1998 A History of National Socialism in North America alleging that a conspiracy within the NSWPP was responsible for Rockwell's death.

The NSWPP under Matt Koehl. One paragraph drastically rewritten from Cooper, followed by two original paragraphs, one paragraph very slightly rewritten from Covington's 1998 work, then two paragraphs very loosely based on brief comments from Cooper, two paragraphs that are mostly Cooper, one that is entirely from Cooper, one that is abridged from Cooper with no addition by Covington, and one finally that is mostly Cooper but has a plug for Harold Covington's NSPA added at the end.

The Birth of the National Alliance. Four paragraphs from Cooper, with slight embellishments including a silly portrayal of William Pierce as an extreme coward.

The Long Twilight. Three short paragraphs, mostly from Covington's 1998 history, about the NSPA.  Operation Skokie and the 1979 Greensboro Incident are mentioned briefly.  There is no mention of the NSPA's founder and leader Frank Collin.  Harold Covington, a unit leader in the NSPA when the group was attracting worldwide attention, is mentioned twice.

The Order Rebellion. One paragraph from Covington's 1998 A History of National Socialism in North America followed by 2 ½ paragraphs copied from Statemaster Encyclopedia. The last 1 ½ paragraphs have no traceable source and include a swipe at Glenn Miller.

The Self-Promotion of David Duke. This begins with two paragraphs plagiarized from the SPLC. In the second Covington added a reference to liposuction. The third, fourth, and fifth paragraphs are by Covington. The sixth and seventh are mostly from Cooper. The eighth, ninth, and tenth are from the SPLC. The eleventh is half SPLC and half Covington. The twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth are almost entirely copied from SPLC. In the fifteenth and sixteenth Covington promotes himself. The next nineteen paragraphs are almost entirely plagiarized from the SPLC, with the noteworthy exceptions of an inserted reference to liposuction and a dismissal of Duke's My Awakening, which replaces a comment from the SPLC's author that would make Duke look good from a White Nationalist perspective. In the 37th paragraph Covington imputes to Duke in Russia a problem that he, Covington, has said that he had in Ireland: that women only wanted to marry him if he would take them to the USA. The 38th paragraph is half SPLC but the rest, by Covington, includes accusations of Satanism and pornography against Vincent Breeding, who worked for Duke, and expands on the SPLC's mention of Duke's conviction for tax evasion and mail fraud. The remaining five paragraphs, evidently written by Covington, pontificate on the theme of David Duke's “getting away with it.”

The NSRP Falls on Hard Times. Three paragraphs, the first mostly copied from Cooper.

The Strange Case of Benny Klassen. This is typical Covington material. His libels against Klassen are well known. The tales about Witherspoon, Martell, and Edwards, and several other claims made here, appeared in Covington's gloating obituary of Ben Klassen in 1993, which has been reproduced in Jeffrey Kaplan's books. Covington now admits that he wrote "some" of this section, and that is true insofar as he also plagiarized parts from the SPLC.

The Paedophilia of Frank Collin. Eight paragraphs, of which only the sixth, containing effusive praise of Harold Covington "as an aside," seems to be entirely original. The other seven paragraphs are rewritten in varying degrees from "The Frank Collin Affair," which Covington posted on his blog on 1 August 2005.

The Drunken Shambles of Glenn Miller.  Thirteen paragraphs of a memoir, obviously written by Harold Covington, about Frazier Glenn Miller's involvement with Covington's unit of the National Socialist Party of America in 1977-1980.  The account is replete with anecdotes of extreme drunkenness and recklessness with firearms on Miller's part, and of course positive references to Covington.  Inserted accusations of drunkenness pepper the rest of the material about Glenn Miller in the Brief History, continuing the theme that Covington sets here.

The First Morris Dees Lawsuit. The title is from a section of Bill White's 2006 report about Glenn Miller. Here there are about 3 ½ paragraphs of Bill White, and 1 ½ paragraphs of embellishment that refer to drunkenness twice.

Miller's Involvement with The Order. One and one-half paragraphs from Bill White, with half a paragraph added that includes the allegation that Miller wasted Order money on alcohol and other useless things. Information from White's report about Miller's motive for accepting Order money and how he got the nickname Rounder are omitted.

The Second Morris Dees Lawsuit. Identical title as in a section of Bill White's report.  About six paragraphs written by White, plus a paragraph and several shorter embellishments added to White's paragraphs.  The embellishments include several attributions of alcoholism  and a proclivity toward betrayal, and a suggestion that Miller was not of sound mind.

A Drunk Declares War. In White's report this is called, "Going Underground and his Arrest." There are about eight paragraphs by White here with embellishments, plus an entire additional paragraph by Covington. This was the only part of White's report that mentioned Miller's ever being intoxicated, whereas Covington's added material makes three additional allegations of alcoholism just in this section.  The entire paragraph that was added mentions Covington by name and includes a silly anecdote about Miller.

Turning Federal Informant: Miller's Testimony Against Other White Activists. Bill White was openly critical of Miller.  In White's report this section, with the very same title, was the final section and stated his thesis about Miller.  There are one and one-half paragraphs of White reproduced (with some omission) here in the Brief History, with half a paragraph of added material. 

The Mysterious Shelby Murder Case. More attacks on Glenn Miller.  

The “Peaches” Incident. Nine paragraphs attacking  Glenn Miller. Two paragraphs from Covington followed by the three paragraphs copied from Bill White's report, but with Covington's embellishments inserted.  The next two paragraphs contain a sentence and an independent clause lifted verbatim from "They're Back" (SPLC, 2004).  The last two paragraphs, attacking Alex Linder for associating with Miller,  seem to be original.

The Betrayal of Tom Metzger. A story peddled by Covington at least since 1994.

The Mind of Tom Metzger. Another story peddled by Covington at least since 1994.

The Madness of James N. Mason.

Dr. Revilo P. Oliver. This section seems to have been copied entirely from Wikipedia.  Professor Oliver referred to Covington in 1988 as an "incisive commentator" based on his book The March Up Country. Oliver's assessment of Covington changed in the early 1990s but he was careful not to state it openly.  This is probably why he didn't merit special attention.

The Tragedy of Richard Butler. There are a couple of online encyclopedias that have exactly this text.

Aryan Nations. One paragraph copied from AllExperts or AbsoluteAstronomy, one paragraph from Wikipedia, two paragraphs probably by Covington that include a swipe at Glenn Miller, another paragraph from Wikipedia with a sentence added to the end that Covington may have written, a paragraph cobbled together from Statemaster Encyclopedia's entry on Aryan Nations, and finally a paragraph by Covington about how Butler lost his property: “Butler actually kind of walked into this situation because towards the end his Hayden Lake home became less of a political and racial headquarters and more of a halfway house for drunken Skinheads and derelicts.”

The Great Man Himself. "The Great Man Himself," an ironically over-reverent way of referring to Dr. William Pierce, is a Covingtonism; for example, in Covington on the Gliebe Coup (4 August 2003) it appeared twice.


Thirty Questions for Dr. William L. Pierce (2000). Elements in the piece strongly suggest that it was written by Harold Covington, e.g. a vicious swipe at Ben Klassen and the innuendo that a National Alliance officer was "John Doe Number Two" in the Oklahoma City Bombing case, one of the libels for which Covington was successfully sued by Will Williams.

Why I Broke With William Pierce by L. Bradford Davis (2001).  There was never an L. Bradford Davis in the National Alliance. The author displays very little accurate internal knowledge of the organization: already in 1993 membership exceeded 500 and rose to about 1800 at the time of Dr. Pierce's death; it was certainly far beyond "200" circa 2000 when Sam Van Rensburg was membership coordinator. The organization's funding mostly came from National Vanguard Books, a very successful business, not from fifty wealthy benefactors. The several references to a "mysterious Pierce associate" in North Carolina are about the National Alliance's North Carolina regional coordinator, Will Williams, whom Covington was defaming incessantly and to whom he now owes a substantial libel judgment. This was clearly written by Covington. What cinches it is that an earlier version of this piece, dated December 2002, mentions Covington by name: "I was ordered by then NA cyber-czar Vincent Breeding to devote all of my activities towards attacking Harold Covington, a well-known critic of Dr. Pierce on the Internet, to the exclusion of all racial matters." (Since I wrote this analysis, Covington was caught using the name "Brad Davis" on Occidental Dissent.)

The Political Persecution of Chester Doles. Extracted from Maguire's ill-conceived "The National Alliance, Incorporated."

The National Alliance, Incorporated: A ZOG False Flag Combat Cell by Maguire (2002). Maguire. The date attributed by Covington is wrong, as he would have realized if he had read the text when he pasted it in.

E-mail Dated 26 July 2003.  

The National Alliance is Finished. 

The "Inappropriate Relationship."

The National Alliance and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith: A Symbiotic Relationship.  Maguire. 

Failure of the "Non-Movement." Maguire.

Enter Vanguard News Network and ShopWhite. Maguire.

The Slapstick of Andrew Greenbaum.

The Weenie. About Kevin Alfred Strom. The first three paragraphs are rewritten from AllExperts or some other online encyclopedia (since several have the identical text).  The first and third paragraphs have derogatory comments added; the second is slightly abridged with no added comment.  The rest seems to be written entirely by Covington.  The fourth and fifth paragraphs present Strom as sexually immoral and the sixth expands into the familiar theme that the White Nationalist movement in general is sexually immoral with the notable exception of Harold Covington: "and no one bothered to protest in public except, of course, for Harold Covington, who was right as always, and who was completely ignored, as always."

The Present Status of the White Nationalist Movement. A forum post from 9 September 2007 by 6Killer (a Christian Identity adherent and subscriber to Covington's e-mail list who, more than once, has posted Covington's material on fora)  alleges that this section was written by Oren Potito. That claim is absent from the PDF version of the Brief History. If any part of it was written by Potito, it is very unlikely that all of it was, since it has an entire paragraph praising Harold Covington in the usual manner.

What the Hell is Wrong With White Nationalists? Eight paragraphs in which Harold Covington's name appears four times. This section was not copied but was composed specifically as the conclusion to this "history."  It restates a theme repeatedly injected throughout A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement, that Harold Covington is the only virtuous leader in White Nationalism. 


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