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Is Harold Covington on the Terrorist Watchlist ?

Harold Covington has been claiming in his podcasts, not only that he is on the national Terrorist Watchlist, but that he was on that list before 11 September 2001.

Oh, by the way! As a point of interest -- and something of a point of pride for me -- one of the things I've been able to determine is that I am what you might call a terrorist O.G. I actually made it on the Watchlist almost a year before 9-11, when someone on Hillary Clinton's staff complained to the Secret Service about my novel Slow Coming Dark

Plus, I first got on the presidential list in 1973 when I handcuffed myself  to the White House fence as part of a Rudolf Hess protest. Now, I tried getting my Secret Service files under the Freedom of Information Act, and they just ignored me, which they're not supposed to be able to do, but since I can't afford an attorney they can pretty much do what they like.

I was especially interested in the Secret Service file on me, since I've been visited by them more often than any other agency down through the years, like when I annoyed Billy Boy after Waco by sending him back my old Army uniform with all two of my medals to him at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. A few days later a couple of them showed up at my job at First Union and of course convinced my employers that I was a homicidal maniac! [Harold Covington, Radio Free Northwest, 9 January 2014]

Covington exhibits a pattern of trying desperately to make himself appear more dangerous  and important than he is.

First, Covington's claim that he was on the Terrorist Watchlist before 9-11 could hardly be true, since the creation of such a watchlist was not even proposed until 2003 (by Senator Bob Graham).*

It is highly doubtful that Covington is on the Terrorist Watchlist even now. Covington's former collaborator Corinna Burt explains Covington's rationale for claiming that he is on the Terrorist Watchlist:

His "watch list" story comes from the time he tried to send some books to Canada and they were turned away due to hate speech laws. So he reasoned, "If my books are banned, I must be too!" But he also told me the last time he flew, it was without incident. [Corinna Burt, 30 September 2013]

Covington's speculation is beyond illogical, since Canadian censorship has nothing whatsoever to do with whether one is regarded as a terrorist by the U.S. Government. Since the Terrorist Watchlist is not published, difficulty in boarding a commercial airliner is the usual occasion for learning that one's name is on it, and Covington reputedly encounters no difficulty of that sort.

Covington also claims that he "annoyed" President Bill Clinton by returning his old Army uniform with two "medals" on it after the Waco Massacre in 1993. This seems unlikely for several reasons, most notably because Covington was probably not in the U.S. Army long enough to get any medals. Although Covington has at times claimed that he served in the Vietnam War, brother Ben Covington indicates that Harold was discharged from the U.S. Army on psychiatric grounds before he could be deployed.

Covington's claim of concern about what the files of  the Secret Service might say about him rings entirely false. If anything, he is hoping that the Secret Service considers him a threat. In 1981 Covington actually went to the Secret Service and claimed that would-be presidential assassin John Hinckley had been a member of the National Socialist Party of America, which Covington headed (as successor to Frank Collin). The FBI's subsequent investigation concluded that there was nothing to Covington's story. (Jack Taylor, The Oklahoman, 3 April 1981) Nonetheless, Covington still claims that John Hinckley was in the National Socialist Party of America, and even that he himself had signed a membership card that Hinckley had in his wallet at the time of the assassination-attempt (which is impossible, because in that case the FBI would have had to conclude that Covington's story was true).

Harold Covington, with his escapist novels of future violent rebellion, would like to appear, at least to his readers and listeners, to pose some kind of threat to the Federal Government of the United States. An image like that would perhaps generate
interest in his novels, if he could put it across convincingly. But it is not evident that anyone in any position of authority takes Covington that seriously.

One might add, given his flippant attitude toward something as grave as supposedly being officially suspected as a terrorist -- which is likely to be the ruin of any attempt at running a legal organization -- that Covington himself doesn't take what he is doing very seriously. It seems to be all a big game to him. This is what Dr. William Pierce meant when he pigeonholed Covington as a "hobbyist."
* The Terrorist Watchlist is compiled by the Terrorist Screening Center, a division of the FBI created in 2004.
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ron Doggett addresses Harold Covington's continuing fraudulent use of his name

Ron Doggett with guest Dr. William Pierce, on Doggett's Race and Reality TV show in the 1990s.

"It's been brought to my attention that Harold Covington has used my name, once I was notified of about a year ago, in relation to supporting his efforts and his organization. He listed on his website comments attributed to me that were not my opinions, because I didn't make the comments.

"The second time it was brought to my attention was recently, a few days ago, that he is continuing this practice of using my name to support opinions favorable to him and his efforts and his writings, and I do not hold these opinions. They are not my opinions.

"I personally do not  have a favorable opinion of Harold Covington nor his cause at all. I reject them outright."

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Deanna Spingola quizzes Harold Covington about Frank Collin

This uncomfortable exchange from the Spingola Special of 25 April 2013 was omitted from the interview as it appears on Harold Covington's website and other locations where Covington or his supporters have posted it. In other words, Covington did not like this.

Covington made a number of misleading statements in this eleven-minute segment, and it is not entirely clear that Deanna Spingola caught any of them, although she was undeterred from her central point.

The main point of contention was whether the father of Covington's former associate, Frank Collin, was a Jew, which all the world apart from Harold Covington seems to accept as fact.

Covington wants to blame the whole claim that Frank Collin's father was a Jew on a "rival N-S group" (obviously meaning the NSWPP), who according to Covington "created so-called fake immigration papers" showing Collin's father as a Jew. 

This excuse holds no water since, when the story first became public in 1970, Collin was still a member of the NSWPP; in fact he was the Midwest coordinator for the NSWPP under Matt Koehl.  It was a Chicago newspaper that produced the immigration papers, and it was not Matt Koehl but Collin's own father, Max Simon Collin, that Frank Collin was calling a liar.

If Max Collin is a liar, he has been deceiving people for no apparent reason for a long time. 

Max Collin was born, he says, as Max Simon Cohn in Munich, Germany, in 1913. He was and is, he attests, a Jew.  He was imprisoned for three months in 1938 in the infamous Dachau concentration camp, he says, because he was a Jew. 

That year, Collin says, he was released from Dachau and allowed to emigrate to the United States. He came to Chicago and in 1943 married a Roman Catholic girl named Virginia. In 1946 he changed his name legally to Max Collin. 


It was after [Frank Collin's] first arrest that  a Chicago newspaper (the Sun-Times) reported immigration records showed the Nazi leader's father was a Jew. Max and Virginia Collin confirmed it and said the fact had never been a secret from their son. Frank Collin insisted his father was a liar, although a well-meaning one. [UPI, 23 April 1970]

In fact it is not unique that a half-Jew like Frank Collin was a member of the NSWPP. George Lincoln Rockwell openly admitted on more than one occasion that a few specific members of his organization were Jews. (Collin however joined after Rockwell's death.)

To explain why she believes that Frank Collin is a half-Jew, Spingola decides to adduce something that Matt Koehl told her. Before she can say it, Covington pre-empts by attacking Koehl's credibility, suggesting that Koehl was not Rockwell's bona fide successor as head of the NSWPP. The diversion is successful, insofar as Spingola ends up not saying whatever she was going to say.

Free Lance-Star, 14 April 1967
When Spingola mentions that Koehl was Rockwell's successor, Covington responds: "Well he said he was. And, uh, the only actual documentation on that was a line in the last paragraph or so of White Power which we later learned was added in later editions."  Subsequently, Covington refers to Rockwell's death as a "murder mystery." With these remarks Covington is insinuating that Koehl lied about having been Rockwell's deputy-commander in order to become Rockwell's successor after killing him.*

In fact Matt Koehl was Rockwell's deputy-commander, and it is documented, in the form of a small item that appeared in a newspaper of Fredericksburg, Virginia on 14 April 1967, four months before Rockwell's death. I called attention to this item more than two years ago in my essay, On the Murder of George Lincoln Rockwell, which Covington has surely seen.

The murder-conspiracy canard is only one of a number of baseless accusations that Covington makes against Matt Koehl. 

While Covington pretends to demand a high standard of proof for establishing Frank Collin's Jewish ancestry, he shows an utter disregard for facts when making accusations against those whom he regards as competitors, or who have crossed him in some little way. It is perfectly clear, in regard to Covington, exactly what he says about others: that he doesn't care about the truth.
* Covington's murder-conspiracy smear against Matt Koehl is fully articulated in the so-called Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement (really a litany of libels promoted, distributed, and evidently written by Harold Covington) as follows:
The events immediately surrounding the death of Commander Rockwell are very murky. The NSWPP members allegedly went through the protocol of selecting a new leader, but many key members were not consulted. The majority of the members present in Arlington selected Major Matthias Koehl to succeed as the new NSWPP leader.

Koehl later claimed to be Rockwell’s hand-picked successor and “Deputy Commander,” but no official appointment to this particular post over Rockwell’s signature has ever been produced and so far as anyone recalls, Koehl never used such a title when Rockwell was alive. The reference to Koehl as “Deputy Commander” on the last page of White Power is a later addendum which does not appear in first editions of the book. There have been persistent rumors down through the years that on the night of Commander Rockwell’s murder, Captain Robert Lloyd and Dr. William Pierce broke into Commander Rockwell’s safe and destroyed his political testament. It is not known what this document contained. [quoted from A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement, by famous liar Harold Anonymous Covington]

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Letter to Harold Covington from Ed Steele (2004)

This letter from Ed Steele was posted on a Yahoo group by Martin Lindstedt. It confirms the contention of this blog, that Harold Covington is a reckless purveyor of libels.

It also confirms Tom Metzger's statement that Pastor Richard Butler and other original supporters of the "Northwest Imperative" from the 1980s were not in sympathy with Covington's effort, which is presented as a continuation of what they were doing. Pastor Butler evidently did not appreciate Covington's use of his name.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Edgar J. Steele" <steele@...>
To: "Northwest Net" <nwnet@...>
Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2004 4:58 AM
Subject: RE: Disappointed?

Harold -

A long time ago, you asked me if, after knowing others had dissed you to me, I had decided to dislike you. Remember my response? "No, Harold, only you can get me to do that."

I remained friendly with you all this time. While so many others tried to get me to dump on you, I defended you to them. I told them not to make the mistake of forcing me to choose between themselves and you. I even sent you money, now and again.

Though you maliciously have attacked so many that I respect, I still maintained friendly relations with you.

I haven't tried to cross swords with you, at all, Harold. I doubt that even you think so. Problem is, I haven't fallen totally into your column and that, to you, is the unforgivable sin . . . that I don't hate the people you hate.

Bringing you in? What on earth are you talking about, Harold? I asked your input on the draft of a piece I knew would be controversial, that's all. You, alone out of the entire racialist community, then chose to take a bite out of me.

"Come out?" As in "out of the closet?" And I'd "like" the Wilde reference -- oh, I get it -- because I must be a faggot, of course. That is beneath even you, Harold.[1]

The only thing that my friend Will Williams ever has taken me to task for was in defending you to him. That's it, pal. Just you. He told me to choose between the two of you and I told him to stuff it. Even so, we have remained on friendly terms.

I must be getting too old for this, because it was just a couple of weeks ago that I cautioned Walter Mueller about lying about something I had said, telling him that he was dangerously close to being the first in the Movement to get me to go after himm. Then he backed off and we established an uneasy truce.

Now it is you who misrepresents what I have said and maligns me for not attacking selected others alongside you, especially a man who has done so much for the Movement, including a just-finished term in jail.

Tell me, honestly, Harold - just what have you ever done for the Movement other than attempt to divide its members against themselves?

Even Pastor Butler, the one person you have yet to attack, tells me he doesn't know what to make of you because of this "Butler Plan" of yours, about which you never bothered to consult him.[3] He and I and another had lunch about a month ago. He still has no problem with me. Odd that you now have.

Strangely, this comes just at a time that the Jews have gone nearly berserk about me, reaching a new height of hysteria, between the JDL and my last few essays. If I were of a more paranoid nature, I might suspect a connection with your decision to move off and fire a few salvos my way. Of course, you know that so many have accused you of being a movement plant and, amazingly, even of being Jewish yourself.

Oddly, I am about the only one in "the Movement" that has been getting along with virtually everybody else. Not to mention almost literally the only one in the Movement getting along with you. Until today.

Today, you crossed the line.

1. Steele certainly should have known better than to say that making innuendoes of that sort was beneath Covington. The smears from Covington against Ben Klassen and Will Williams had been raging for 15 years.  

2. Covington made lying attacks on David Duke in a section of his Brief History that is addressed on this blog. That, however, represents only the tip an iceberg. Attacks on Duke that Covington posted on Yahoo groups while Duke was in prison go far beyond that.

3. Metzger wrote: "Boots on the ground White leaders then were Bob Miles, Richard Butler, Tom Metzger and a few others. [...] AWOL Racial right leaders -- made worse by the northern invasion of non-Whites and vast numbers of California social Marxists, plus their rich degenerate camp followers -- turned the Northwest Republic idea into nothing more than the fading hope of dreamers, or worse. That's when the three of us agreed: 'It's too late for the Northwest idea!' -- working class young White people should hunker down in those areas they know best, maintaining their social and economic networks in place."

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Testimonial

Thomas de Aynesworth
Some people, who for whatever reason seem to resent criticism of Harold Covington's false statements, like to try to discourage this activity of setting the record straight by saying that it is a waste of time, that nobody cares, that it has no effect.

Thomas de Aynesworth is one of several known counterexamples to that claim. Aynesworth was actually the person who suggested to Harold Covington the theme-music that he has been using at the beginning of his Radio Free Northwest podcast for the past three years

An exchange from February 2010 between Harold Covington (using the sockpuppet-name Jack Torrance) and Thomas de Aynesworth. (See full-sized.)

When I recently referred to Aynesworth as a supporter of Covington's, using some harsh words, he found me in my IRC channel to issue a clarification, which happens to be also a testimonial to the value and effectiveness of this blog. While he says that he was never affiliated with Covington, it is evident that he was for a time positively disposed and had some "interactions" with Covington and some of his associates, which he terminated upon becoming better informed.

[22:50] Aynesworth: I am not, and never have been affiliated with Covington. When Covington first started his radio show, I was interested, ignorant of his past history. After getting the facts, I stopped interaction altogether.
[22:51] Aynesworth: Also, meeting with a member of the NWF, I realized that any further interaction was pointless.
[22:51] Aynesworth: He was messed up.
[22:51] Hadding: Well that was a good insight. Same thing that others have said.
[22:52] Hadding: You mind if I copy and paste that?
[22:52] Aynesworth: All I am asking, is that you understand that I am not with him, never have been. When I was in his contact I was totally oblivious to his past. Your own work has helped me realize that he is a dangerous and unstable character.
This text was copied and pasted with permission.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Evelyn Hill on Harold Covington's Fraudulent Use of Names

Evelyn Hill, erstwhile office-manager (1995-2000) for Dr. William Pierce, says that Harold Covington has a history of fraudulently using her name and the names of other members of the National Alliance:

"I did not make the comment attributed to me on Harold Covington's blog, nor am I a supporter of his. Covington pretended to be me when I worked for the National Alliance.  He also assumed the identity of other members. In addition to this he would create entirely fictitious identities in attempts to disrupt pro-White activism."

In fraudulently commenting on his own blog, Covington has used a number of names of former prominent members of the National Alliance, not just "Evelyn Hill." Two that have been demonstrated are Fred Streed and Ron Doggett.

An example of an "entirely fictitious identity" that Covington used to disrupt pro-White activism would be "Brad Davis" or "L. Bradford Davis," an exposed pseudonym under which Covington pretended to be a member of the National Alliance and wrote the scurrilous "Thirty Questions for Dr. Pierce" and "Why I Broke with William Pierce."

Update! See Covington's ridiculous response, as blatantly dishonest as can be. Yes, using Evelyn Hill's name again, even after he's been definitively caught. Showing infinite chutzpah, he did it again on 19 July 2012.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Harold Covington and Frank Collin

A documentary video from March 1977 shows Harold Covington as Frank Collin's right-hand man at a press-conference of the "National Socialist Party of America" in Chicago.*

Harold Covington (far right) as Frank Collin's chief defender, 1977

At 2:23 a reporter asks Collin, "What do you recommend for your father?"

Covington shoots back, "One more crack and you're out!"

Apparently the reporter was referring to the fact that Frank Collin's father was a Jew, Max Simon Collin, born Cohn, who had spent time in Dachau.

Since the press-conference was over, all the reporters and cameramen were about to be "out" anyway, but by butting in, Covington created a distraction that saved Collin from the awkwardness of either addressing or directly refusing to address the question about his father.

Frazier Glenn Miller, who was a member of Covington's North Carolina unit of the NSPA, says Collin once traveled on a motorcycle to visit the North Carolina unit. After Collin's departure, Miller said to Covington, "That guy looks like a Jew." In that instance too, Covington tried to obfuscate, insisting that Collin was "Black Irish."

A report on Collin's Jewish paternal ancestry was carried by UPI as early as April 1970. Harold Covington joined Collin's group in 1976. As part of the worldwide reaction to Collin's declared intention to stage a uniformed march of "nazis" through a largely Jewish suburb, Collin came under intensified scrutiny in 1977 and the story about his Jewish father was widely publicized. Covington definitely knew.

The explanation for Covington's willingness to stand by and defend Collin under the circumstances may lie in the fact that Covington himself is the grandson of one A.B. Glass, founder of the Dixie Bedding Company in Greensboro, North Carolina (Encyclopedia of White Power, ed. Jeffrey Kaplan, p. 76). It was from this grandfather that Covington inherited $90,000.

In spite of the attention to his Jewish ancestry, Collin lasted as head of the NSPA, with Covington as second-in-command, until he was ousted in November 1979. Collin's arrest for sexually abusing two 10-year-old boys at NSPA headquarters following in January 1980.

It was NSPA member Mike Whalen who found the evidence that led to Frank Collin's arrest. Covington sometimes implies (e.g. in "The Seabrook Theory") that he was responsible for Frank Collin's downfall, but he was not. After Whalen made the discovery, the cat was out of the bag and Covington could not save Collin if he was so inclined. Whether Covington had been turning a blind eye to Collin's sexual habits along with his ancestry until then is anybody's guess.

In Covington's "The Frank Collin Affair" (1 August 2005) on his own blog, and in the largely identical section about Frank Collin in Covington's Brief History, there is no mention whatsoever of any allegation about Frank Collin's Jewish paternal ancestry, even though it has long been known to the entire world. On 5 June 2012, somebody calling himself "The Old Man" (a nickname that Covington uses) even removed a reference to Collin's being half-Jewish from the Metapedia article about Covington.

Harold Covington suppresses the fact that Frank Collin is half-Jewish.

Apparently Covington would not like to explain why, when he knew that his fuehrer was half-Jewish, he chose for at least 2½ years -- and still chooses -- to overlook and even suppress the fact, while making completely spurious accusations of Jewish ancestry against men like Matt Koehl and Ben Klassen.

Covington's penchant for accusing various White racialist leaders of having some terrible, dark secret has every appearance of being a projection from his own life.
* As of 28 June, after noting a flurry of visits to this blog and interest in this article from somebody in Port Orchard, Washington (where Harold Covington has a mail-drop in the UPS Store), I decided to check the video linked in the article, only to find that it had been removed by the user that posted it. Since the rest of hadroid's videos pertaining to the NSPA and Skokie are still on YouTube, I infer that somebody threw a fit to have that particular video removed. Fortunately I still have an image from that video to prove that it existed.